Digital Art Prints To Add Modern Touch To Your Home

Digital Art Prints To Add Modern Touch To Your Home

Posted by Keira Knightley on 10th Jul 2021

Art was associated just with paper, pencil, canvases, and brushes at one point in time. As time progressed, we saw a definitive development in technology, and soon, computers and servers started to be used in every work of life. However, art was not left behind- programmers and eventually, artists and creative geniuses began taking more interest in creating artworks on the computer screens, hence came into being ‘computer art’ more popularly known as digital art. As computers and desktops branched out into laptops, notebooks, tablets, and smartphones, access to digital art equipment became easier- this, in turn, resulted in the increasing popularity of digital prints.

You can now adorn your walls with unique and gorgeous digital canvas prints and give your home a more aesthetic and contemporary look. However, it might be a little confusing if you are new to buying art, so we are here to help you make the right choices! To assist you, we have made a list of the choicest art prints from our collection, and you should have a look at them:

Marilyn Monroe- The Sensation

It is hard to believe that even a single soul exists who is not bowled over by the absolute magical phenomenon that is Marilyn Monroe. The famous blonde American actress successfully conquered everyone’s hearts, and having a poster of her in your room was like a dream come true! Andy Warhol revolutionized Monroe’s posters by creating digital pop art that is popular even today. The bright pink, blue, and peach color scheme can steal the show anytime, anywhere. You can get this set of three digital art prints of Warhol’s Marilyn pop art for your living room at our store!

A Day At The Beach

Both sunrises and sunsets are fascinating to watch, and we can hardly get over how beautiful the two natural phenomena are. If you are one of the few people who find it hard to choose between the two, we have the perfect set of digital prints for you. It features a captivating sunrise and sunset at the beach- the pastel colors create a soothing visual effect that will look good in your bedroom against a light colored wall.

The Beach And The Bicycle

Contemporary art prints and typography prints look good in a modern household. They look even better when put together- this set will be perfect for the wall behind your coffee table. The dual-tone color scheme is calming and looks very sophisticated. The cyan or teal shade of the wall and the beach will immediately attract the eye of every passerby. The sleek golden border completes the whole look, giving it a modern-day edge.

The Baby Penguin

Do you like cutesy animals? What could be more adorable than a little penguin staring at you, from your wall, with wide-open arms? This digital print is perfect for your kid’s room as well. You can hang it up on a dark or brightly colored wall to bring more focus. The wooden frame gives a rustic vibe to the print that will blend well with contemporary home decor.


Bring home stunning art prints and give your home a makeover. You will get a fantastic collection at our online store- there is an ideal print for everyone! Our steady and ever-growing clientele is proof of our excellent quality that you can trust. So what are you waiting for? Head over to our shopping site and fill the shopping cart with all your favourite canvas prints.