5 Cityscape Painting for Large Rooms

5 Cityscape Painting for Large Rooms

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 13th Feb 2024

Think about going into a large room with bare walls that needs a touch of imagination, and it can turn into a beautiful space. The correct painting for a large room, whether it’s a living room, office, or any other large area, sets the atmosphere and personality of the place. When making an impression, no other type of art captures the essence of urban life quite like cityscape paintings. Let’s go through five magnificent cityscape paintings that are perfect for big rooms to ensure your area becomes a talking point and an aesthetic pleasure zone.


This dynamic and colourful cityscape painting shows a modern town abstractly. The artist uses a palette of red, pink, green, yellow, white, black and blue to create this artwork that skillfully presents the constant interplay between shadows, leaves, trees and buildings. It’s an arresting work of art for art enthusiasts who desire a fascinating, up-to-date inclusion in spacious rooms.

Empire State Building

This modern cityscape painting captures the majestic outline of the Empire State Building soaring above the busy buildings of New York City. Using a bold knife delineation technique, this canvas under glass gives life to the city, including the flowing river and iconic skyline. It can add some metropolitan appeal and elegance to any space.


The abstract shades, full of bright dancing colours on the canvas, create a dazzling city in “Edifices”. With a heavy texture and detailed knife work, this wonderful framed picture is best suited for spacious rooms that need some metropolitan style.

Abstract City Buildings

“Abstract City Buildings” is an absorbing cityscape painting that harmoniously fuses modernity and aestheticism. This contemporary landscape painting of a dappled city building, a meandering river, and lovely boats adds some urban chic to any big room. The work is a completely different abstract art with heavy texture and manual crafting elements from other typical wall paintings in a modern style.

Street View

This painting calls on its viewers to taste the scent of the town. A handmade modern art adds depth and personality to large rooms with iconic, blue-shaded buildings and abstract city planning. This cityscape painting has a thick texture that appears to bring life into the streets of this city. It is, therefore, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece for people who love art and want to fill their space with a lively atmosphere.


The right cityscape painting can easily transform your large room into an appealing sanctuary of art and style. If you love the vibrant activities of a city’s nightlife or the tranquil charm of a city skyline during twilight, there is a masterpiece waiting to decorate your walls and improve your space. Allow your walls to tell a story of urban chic and class, making it as exceptional and exciting as yourself.