Water Art Prints: Injecting Freshness and Luminosity

Water Art Prints: Injecting Freshness and Luminosity

Posted by John Wright on 12th Jun 2022

Giving a soft & refreshing touch to the subject and creating magical illusions, an artist gets the leeway to play creatively with watercolors on the canvas. Watercolors breathe life into the artistic creations, and soon you will agree to this.

Seeking inspiration from water paintings, Arttree is offering a huge collection of water art prints that will work well with contemporary home decor settings. Available in interesting patterns and designs, our prints reflecting water-based colors look exceptionally great on barren walls.

Have a look at some of our captivating wall decor elements which will never fail to leave an impact on you.

Ocean Sapphire Aqua Wall Art

This 5-piece wall art set showcasing the soothing images of ocean, sand, and mountains is a wonderful addition to any room. Be it the living room or bedroom, you can use these prints to cover a barren wall in great style. The water-proof and fade-free inks ensure that this timeless beauty will continue to beautify your interiors for many years. Make sure it blends in well with the existing decor and furniture units just as shown in the above image.

Adventures are Forever

You will find several decor elements under this 7-piece canvas art set. From water plants, mountains, sky, beach sand, and seashell to fishes, dolphins, sun, reflection, and encouraging quotes, it has got everything you would surely love. Flaunting this set behind the wall of the sofa set will indeed impress your guests. Having this in the room will create visual interest and inspire everyone who looks at this collage.

Ocean Turquoise Stone

Exuding the charm of a deep blue sea, water waves, a group of dolphins, and a quote, this set of 2 piece canvas prints is an ideal design solution for empty walls. The effect of watercolors is showcased beautifully that truly makes you buy this artistic creation without giving it any second thought. You may have all the comfort and luxury in the house, but this decor element will give harmony to the ambiance with its subtle presence.

Blue Dress

Depicting classy ladies donning gorgeous evening gowns, this watercolor art print has oodles of elegance and sophistication. You will never go wrong with this art especially when you are decorating walls of minimalistic interiors. With minimum use of gentle colors, this art is the epitome of beauty and grace.

Curved Lines Stain

Add a tinge of quirk to the drab walls using this 3-piece abstract art. Reflecting the geometric shapes and designs like squares, curved lines, and circles, this decor element will give a distinctive visual appeal and set your interiors apart. Using something different and unusual exemplifies your bold and chic choices.

Water wall art can reinvigorate dull spaces and make them look appealing to the eyes. Visit Arttree’s huge collection and choose the ones you relate to the most. Start your decor journey with us at fair prices!