Top 7 Large Artworks for Large Rooms

Top 7 Large Artworks for Large Rooms

Posted by Sara Taylor on 25th Nov 2023

Finding the ideal artwork for adorning huge rooms can be difficult. Large artworks can make a statement and inject personality and dimension, helping transform empty spaces. An impressive selection of large artwork is available at Arttree, a well-known company in the art world, which is ideal for converting your roomy spaces into engaging creative havens.

The top 7 large artworks from Arttree that are best for large rooms will be discussed in this article.

Hillside Cistern Sky

The artwork is a unique blend of three different time zones; each frame represents a different view, thought, and perspective. The installation of the artwork will brighten up your space with the captivating beauty of the hills. The blend of pastel shades brings a sense of calmness and eases the environment. “Hillside Cistern Sky” is a piece that will elevate your space with the beauty of nature.

Ocean Selvage Stones

Hot summers and the shade of trees go quite well together. The artwork captures the free spirit of such moments with its contemporary style. “Ocean Selvage Stones” artwork portrays the majestic beauty of the ocean and the elements that elevate it. The minimalistic artwork will go well with larger rooms and give them a home-like feeling. The large artwork has beautifully incorporated the seascape theme.

Banana Plam Leaf

Nature-inspired artworks are pieces that go with different room themes and settings. The large artwork comprises palm and banana leaves; these trees have a major role in Hindu culture, which adds value to the art. The sense of ease and comfort radiates from the canvas. If you wish to add a touch of nature to your décor, this art piece can be the right choice.

Stigma Wooden texture

Our "Stigma Wooden Texture" stands true to the concept of modern art. The artwork beautifully comprises the patterns associated with wood, which resonates with the beauty of nature. You get three frames uniquely showcasing the textures, but simultaneously, one elevates and signifies the other. The artwork incorporates dark shades, which complement the golden element of the artwork.

Calico Marble

The hype of marble artwork has justified itself; they are versatile in all ways, whether small or large. Marble art pieces have the potential to elevate each segment. In “Calico marble,” the incorporation of bright and attractive golden lines has been done, which adds to the beauty of the art piece.

Mountain Forest

The artwork captures the beautiful scenery of the hilltop view, segmented within three frames. The artwork holds its depth and calmness, which will resonate in your roomy spaces.

Poppy Blooms

The art print showcases poppy blooms' floral aspect, adding a fun element to your large spaces. This large artwork can be your ideal choice if you are into pop colours.


If you prefer decorating your house with abstract art, then Arttree will be the right choice. We offer a range of large artworks that help you elevate your surroundings. Decorating large rooms can be a hassle, but with our large artwork, you will feel relieved as the art pieces have an intensive representation of contemporary style. Explore more options on the website today!