Top 7 Creative Art Prints for Wall Decor

Top 7 Creative Art Prints for Wall Decor

Posted by Keira Knightley on 21st Jan 2023

Your home is unique to your heart because it is the one place where you can be yourself without any worries. Your family is dearest to your heart, and you feel absolute freedom when you step into your space. So, doesn’t this special place deserve to look the best? If you plan on creative wall decor to adorn your walls, this blog might be of help. It details some of your space's most eye-catching art prints that will instantly draw praise!

Holding Hands

This black and white wall art print depicts two hands, each of two contrasting shades, holding each other. A creative print that intrigues the onlooker’s imagination, you can make more than one interpretation of the art before coming to its original meaning. It will awe your visitors and earn you appreciation if hung in the living room.

Abstract Dancer

If you have little kids in the house, then this one will surely bring a smile to their faces. Here’s a banana syncing to the music with a carrot like it owns the show! This abstract art prints with a touch of humour is just what you need to make your boss laugh out loud during their casual visit to your place.

I Love You Quote

If you and your spouse share a love for the popular sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S., then this print might be an excellent wedding anniversary present. Everyone who’s a sitcom fan knows how much the character Joey loves sandwiches. The creative use of this info in this art print will surely brighten your loved one and adore your bedroom walls!

Happy Coconut

Coconut is the tastiest fruit out there, thanks to its freshness and raw flavour. A famous sight on beaches and tropical lands, here’s a coconut chilling in one of these locations! A fantastic fruit art to decorate the kitchen wall will surely bring a smile to any onlooker. It will also earn you praise for your eye for unique and creative artwork.

abstract dancer

Because you’ll never run out of ideas to make with fruits, here’s a cycle and a castle to best adorn your kids’ rooms. It is based on the idea that if you have creativity, you can transform anything into anything else. Here, different fruits are placed in ingenious ways to present a lovely cycle and castle to you.

Favorite Spot Bear

Everyone has a favourite spot, and so does this adorable bear! The black and white art print is cute in how the bear shouts out its love for the room. This print is best suitable for kids’ rooms and bedrooms, this print also has a unique sense of humour to make the viewer smile pleasantly.

Oh The Places

If you’ve had a thing for Dr Seuss’ works, you’ll instantly love this art print. This black and white art print inspires you to reach out to your dreams no matter how high they seem, for you have immense potential inside you if you’d only realise it!


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