​How to Mix and Match Flower Print with Red Couch

​How to Mix and Match Flower Print with Red Couch

Posted by Richard Brown on 10th Apr 2020

The red couch is a symbol of a bold move in your home. It is the trend setter and definitely has that charm to be a focal point of any space. So, you can use different Flower Prints to spill the charm all over the place. These wall arts can inject liveliness into space and raise the style quotient.

To amplify the appeal of a couch and space as well, you should wisely choose these wall arts.

Below the blog, I have mentioned some tips while choosing flower art with a red couch.

Go with The Neutrals

Red will be the highlight of any space. So, jazz it up with some neutral colored floral prints. You can neutralize the red couch with some yellow and beige colored arts. If your walls are big then you can stick to blues, white and monochromatic flower arts. These will give a decent shade to the wall and also bring the oomph factor every room needs.

Hit for Neutrals to Calm the Red Charmer

Mix and Match the Different Shapes of Wall Arts Behind the Red Sofa

To balance your red couch, you can balance it with differently shaped floral wall arts. Don’t stick to the same size and shape of flower wall art, because imperfection is beautiful. So, the trick is to imbalance the balance with these wall arts.

Different Shapes Will Break the Monotony of The Space

Modern Flower Art for Heavenly Modern Space

To fill the space with some artist appeal, you can use modern flower arts. These look fancy, bold and can speak out loud your creativity. The modern wall art of flowers is the idea to turn the heads of your guests and make them bound to say, ‘Oh, so beautiful”. It also gives a soothing environment when you come back from a chaotic world.

Ditch Boring Décor with Modern Floral Art 

Embrace the Twin Flower art

Twin flower art is a big “YES”. The set of two symmetrical flower prints can steal the show of your wall. You can hang the positive vibe with these floral arts. Choose these arts with a pinch of red color. It will balance out the red color of the couch.

Twin Art Will Transcend the Style

Flip Floral Prints with the Interior Type

Floral art is a piece of the puzzle that can fit with every red couch. You can beautify it by matching it with the interior too. Wall arts go best when chosen according to the interior. If you are obsessed with traditional interior then you can go for big floral artwork; and if you love to incorporate contemporary interior, then you can opt for small squared floral arts.

Flipping is the New cool!

Red is bold and floral art is beauty, so it creates a perfect combination of bold and beautiful. You can experience an exclusive range of floral wall art at Arttree to create a paradise full of bliss. Here, you will find beautiful arts to steal a show with a bang. 

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