10 DIY Innovative Wall Art Decor Ideas

10 DIY Innovative Wall Art Decor Ideas

Posted by Garv on 9th Dec 2019

Do you want to add life and energy to your room? Apart from enhancing the furnishings and lounging in the living room, the décor plays a vital role in this. The wall art prints you display can create a relaxing, spectacular or quirky feel. Adding wall art Australia is an amazing way to decorate your room.

Here are 10 DIY innovative wall art décor ideas that can transform your space in no time. Browse through the list of unique printable to pick the one you prefer the most for your space. Right from landscape to contemporary art, we have created a list of best artwork to complement your décor.

1. Geometric Painting

Paint a black canvas in a geometric pattern. Draw the patterns with a pencil. Choose plethora of colors as contemporary or contrasting shades. Check out the arttree geometric pattern collection online to get the better options.

2. Simple DIY Abstract Painting

Abstract painting is a popular décor option amongst interior designers. The beautiful artwork is all about effortlessly adding a mix of colors to your room. The texture brings a beautiful contrast to the room and colors enlighten it.

3. Canvas Map Wall Art

If you have a travel bug inside you, then having map wall art isn’t a bad thing at all. The globes and maps paintings exude your feelings. A single map spread across several canvases adds a more interesting look to your wall. Before opting for DIY, you can check out the fantastic collection of wall arts available in plethora of styles and designs to cater all tastes and home décor needs.

4. Contemporary Art With a Golden Touch

The contemporary art DIY add instant charm to any modern and contemporary home decor. The method is simple and has loads of tips for making your piece appear grand. You can add a golden touch to it by including glitter. You may have seen artworks like these online and have thought of doing them on your own. So, why not give it a go!

5. Bold and Beautiful Painting

Big pieces of artwork sometimes bold can be the perfect way to style your room. DIY paintings like these serve as an amazing way to add charm to your interiors.

6. Animal Prints

The animal canvas prints online have a special place in the heart of every age group. These prints prove to be a timeless décor. Arttree presents you an extensive collection of animal canvas prints which brings sensibility to your room. Opt for DIY paintings for animals to bring personalization to your décor.

7. Quotes Prints

Nothing is simpler in DIY art than writing quotes. The quotes canvas prints tells your story and showcase your reflection. So, if you are looking for something constantly evolving, then quote prints will be a perfect inspiration for this. It brings clarity, positivity and happiness to your space.

8. Creative Canvas Prints

If you are more on the creative side, and you love to bring newness to your room décor, then creative art prints are a great option for you. Canvas prints Australia have been known for producing some amazing creative art collection. Check out our gallery to get an idea of the kind of DIY creative art pieces you can go for.

9. Collage

Collage is something you can easily opt for. It is all about adding pieces to bring a giant art together. Put up 3 or more paintings together to complete your collage. Our collection online showcases some of the best vintage, graffiti and Indian collages.


Add a new dimension to your space with minimalist art prints. They comprise of limited colors and some images but present a unique style statement to your wall décor. Make these DIY prints in your own way to give your eyes a feeling of contentment. 

These are the best DIY wall art décor ideas for your space. If you have any ideas or recommendations, then feel free to share with us!

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