Buy Prints On Animal For Your Kids' Space

Buy Prints On Animal For Your Kids' Space

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 28th Mar 2023

Creating a special space for your child to play and grow can be a fun experience. So, whether you're decorating a nursery, bedroom, or playroom, adding animal prints in their room is a fantastic way to bring some whimsical fun. This blog will explore some of the best funny and amazing animal prints offered by Arttree to spice up your kid's room or play space.

Follow Your Dreams Chimpanzee

This stunning one-piece canvas wall painting wonderfully captures the beauty and ingenuity of urban graffiti street art. It features a beautiful chimpanzee perched atop a vibrant Coca-Cola box and observes the world admiringly. The words "Follow Your Dreams" displayed in the top left of the canvas are written in bold red capital letters, reminding the importance of aiming for greatness. If your kid admires graffiti street art, this beautiful ‘Follow Your Dream Chimpanzee’ canvas is the perfect choice to decorate their room.

Giraffe Koala Pes Kangaroo Animals

If you want to bring some of Australia's wildlife into your kids’ space, the Giraffe Koala Pes Kangaroo Animals print is perfect for adorning kids’ rooms. This eye-catching three-piece canvas wall art set showcases a pretty giraffe, an adorable gray koala, and lively kangaroo animals blowing bubbles against a subtle background. Each is printed on high-quality premium matte paper with 100% HD quality without additional coating.

Lovely Fox

With a striking red and black wild fox pattern, bold dots, lines, boxes, and abstract stars in the centre, this unique 3-piece is sure to make an eye-catching addition to any child's bedroom or playroom. The Red Color Beak Owl perched on a branch adds a touch of whimsy while the playful "Home" and "Hello" typography at the top of the painting brings a welcoming feel. Complemented by quotes, this décor set will spark your little one's imagination and fill their room with joy.

Colorful Octopus

This 3-piece Wall Art is an eye-catching collection that honours the beauty and mystery of the deep sea. This set represents an octopus in abstract form with intense blues, golds, and distinguished brush strokes, conveying a sense of movement. The contemporary style hints at modernity and elegance, making it easily compatible with any interior design. This beautifully designed, Colorful Octopus Wall Art will put some life into your kids’ walls while letting their imagination run wild.

Deer & Fawn in Forest

This magnificent wall hanging emanates tranquility and serenity. It is inspired by a Northern Scandinavian design that will add a calm environment to any kid's room. This enormous three-piece of art portrays a relaxing scene with a deer and fawn in a calm stream, surrounded by lush forest and fog in the background and birds hovering above the sky. The whole effect is utter peace and relaxation and an excellent complement to any child's room.


Making your kid's rooms unique can give you a lot of delight. If you want to buy prints, Arttree provides a great selection of high-quality prints. They have a massive collection of art prints that can add charm and vibrancy to any room. So, get started. Grab yours today!