Best 7 Framed Art Prints To Enchant Visitors

Best 7 Framed Art Prints To Enchant Visitors

Posted by Adam Milne on 10th Apr 2023

Nothing sets the tone like a magnificent piece of art when decorating a space. Framed art prints can give any area personality, character, and a touch of luxury. Here are the top 7 framed art prints that will captivate guests and create a lasting impact.


If you enjoy music, this magnificent framed art print can add a bit of musical flair to your home. This handmade artwork adds depth and texture to any environment with its colourful abstract piano depiction.

Blue Poppy

This panoramic framed canvas print displays a bold and abstract blue poppy design. Add a distinctive texture formed by a handmade knife vignette, making it a stunning and eye-catching addition to any room.

Red Flowers

This amazing long-length panoramic print depicts abstract red flowers with strong textures created with a palette knife. It is the ideal framed artwork for adorning a wall.


This stunning 3-piece split canvas print depicts a plantation of white flower seedlings against a sky background, with heavy texture. Indeed, it is a charming addition that will impress your guests.

Flowers Artwork Set

If you enjoy a floral vibe in your rooms, this is the framed artwork to buy. This lovely two-piece collection of multi-panel oil paintings shows large petal flowers with foliage rendered in an abstract, vintage style, with vibrant shade tints and thick texture.

Multicolor Sky

Here is an eye-catching abstract landscape. The rainbow-shaded sky, beautiful sunset scenery, ocean, and clouds in this contemporary art poster have a heavy knife texture. Add colours to your rooms with this print!

Cute Panda

Are there kids in the house? Then this beautiful animal wall art is ideal! It includes a charming panda with dappled coloring wearing cute spectacles in a contemporary, heavy texture style.


Investing in a quality framed art print brings elegance and individuality to a room by transforming its appearance. Whether you're looking for bold and abstract, modern and quirky, or classic and timeless, there is everything at Arttree to enchant your visitors. So, visit our website today and get shopping!