Alluring Stretched Canvas Prints For Your Artsy Abode

Alluring Stretched Canvas Prints For Your Artsy Abode

Posted by Sara Taylor on 1st Jan 2022

When you move into a house, you're always looking for ways to make it more homely. This includes adorning the walls with decor pieces that cater to your artistic preferences. With Arttree stretched art prints, you can transform your abode in a snap!

Stretched canvas prints are an optimal choice for individuals on the go. You may not have much time to shift your print onto a base or don't want to spend extra cash on buying a frame. These prints are delivered to your house in ready-to-hang condition so you can beautify your space instantly.

Here are some of the best-stretched prints from our website to introduce you to elegant room decor.

Superheroes Save Your Decor

Superhero movies, shows, and comics have impacted people through multiple generations. They're more than just a cartoon or a storyline; they induce hope and a will to do good amongst people. Not to mention, the attractive graphics and artwork are a cult favorite. So picking prints that showcase all your beloved superheroes is a win-win deal!

This stretched print looks great with and without a frame. If you've got kids at home that can't get enough of Marvel or DC, then it'd make for a perfect birthday gift for them. Even if you're an adult that wants to personalize their sanctuary with nostalgic items, this canvas print will stand up to all your standards.

Mystical Marbles

The marble pattern is trending everywhere these days. Be it coasters, phone cases, or furniture designs - they're all over the internet. So jump on the bandwagon by bringing home a marble print set to your home.

The pastel colors have a serene effect on your room, whereas the different shades on all the canvases add variety. They can be installed in all parts of your house, but it'd be best to place them on a wall that has been painted a soft color. This will keep the calmness of the arrangement intact.

A Ghibli Wonderland

Ghibli Studio films are gravely underrated. Anybody who has watched a movie by them can never get over the magical touch the films pour into mundane lives. This canvas art print depicts a scene from "Howl's Moving Castle" - an animated hit by Ghibli.

The print showcases a meadow in the middle of nowhere. The snow-capped green hills urge you to adopt a simpler way of life. Hang this art print in your bedroom to soothe your senses after a long day at work.

Motley Magnificence

Abstract prints deploy geometry quite often to create beautiful visuals. This stretched print set uses the same principles to produce an alluring image. White, pink, and blue are the primary colors used in this print. The piece on the leftmost corner points towards the need for balance, whereas the print on the right side nods to the intentionality of the universe's design.

If you've got furniture that matches any of the colors in the print, then you're all set for a modern home decor victory!


If you want your room wall decor to look good but don't want to spend a fortune over it, then there's no better alternative than a stretched canvas print. Arttree provides you with a diverse catalog of art prints to choose from, so you can always find something that matches your vision. All our products are handmade and use the highest quality materials to create a final output that our customers can love and cherish.

All our prints are delivered within 2-3 weeks of order, no matter what part of the world you live in. So sit back and enjoy browsing through our print collection!