7 Popular Modern Canvas Prints for your new home

7 Popular Modern Canvas Prints for your new home

Posted by Emma Anderson on 19th Feb 2022

A home that is well-styled and welcoming has art in every room. We understand that deciding which pieces to exhibit throughout your home can be difficult. Your home is your sanctuary, and selecting the best décor for it can turn out to be challenging. Consider dabbling with modern art prints to bring an air of elegance and sophistication into your new home. Discussed below are a few of the most popular canvas art prints that would look splendid in your new home.

You Need

When it comes to selecting the best digital art prints for your new home, you can never go wrong with topography. This stunning set of two minimalist art prints would be an exceptional addition to the interiors of your new home. While one canvas has the quote “All you need is love”, the other depicts a beautiful woman in the sun.

Pink Flower

If you like minimalism and floral art, this set of two floral wall art prints is the correct choice for you. Adorn the walls of your new home with these prints to bring a softness to your home. Rest assured, every time you look at these art pieces, you will be overcome by serenity.

Mountains Lake

Did you know that water can have a calming impact on individuals? This three-print art collection depicts a breathtakingly beautiful panorama of mountains and lakes of various sizes. The sky, snow, lake, and mountains are displayed in multicolor print, including window-shaded abstract images. These contemporary art prints will make a bold statement in any room of your house or office!

Sparkle Wooden Design

If you enjoy textured wall art prints, this three-piece art print set is worth considering if you have a little space. Abstract and contemporary elements such as color-shaded circles, tree rings, and rough gold sparkles come together to produce the perfect fusion of abstract and modern art. So, display these in your living room and watch as your guests are amazed by these incredible works of art!

We Can’t Stop Them

Is your mind perpetually lost at sea? Consider getting this stunning set of canvas art prints. While one canvas illustrates a breath-taking landscape of the sea, the other contains typography related to waves and feelings. When it comes to contemporary art prints, gorgeous landscapes are the way to go!

Colorful Speck Marble

Marble prints usually lend a sense of refinement to a room’s interior design scheme. This abstract digital canvas print collection, consisting of three pieces, is no exception. Additionally, the set features a picture that is both minimalist and futuristic in design, with specs of gold decorating the print.

Orb Eucalyptus Leaflets

Using calico shades of eucalyptus and tropical palm leaves, this combination of two canvas art prints evokes a tropical paradise. The curving lines and circles in the art prints give them an abstract quality that would light up any room in your home.


We understand that choosing home décor for your new home can be overwhelming with various options out there. opt for modern art prints to spruce up your homes and breathe life into those walls! We at Art tree believe that you deserve nothing but the best, and we ensure that’s what you get!