6 Quirky 2 Piece Nordic Art for Your Home

6 Quirky 2 Piece Nordic Art for Your Home

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 23rd Apr 2021

Are you tired of gazing at your dull and gloomy walls all day long? So decorate them! If the impending cost is your concern, then instead of looking for a professional designer, invest in canvas print sets. They are pocket-friendly, durable, and can immediately perk up your boring rooms!

When looking for suitable canvas print sets for your home, you might find many options to choose from- which might make things a little tricky. If you feel confused, opt for Nordic art because you can never go wrong with them! These wall hangings will brighten up your walls and change the ambience of your rooms.

To help you decide, we have in store for you six charming 2-piece Nordic art sets:

The Floating Circles

If you are looking for a 2-piece canvas art set that will not be too in the eye but will perfectly accentuate the room’s aesthetics, you should look into Nordic minimalist art. This particular print is a very subtle one, which you keep in your study or even in your office. There is a sense of freeness associated with this, which might benefit the atmosphere at your home. It will look best against a dark-colored solid background.

The Brush Strokes

Anyone who admires abstract art will definitely like this 2-piece Nordic art set. The irregular patterns in this print make it unique. The color palette is exceptionally soothing and exudes a sensation of calmness. It will look good against both light and dark-colored walls, and you can put it up in any room. Both your living room and your office is suitable for this art set. Due to its abstract nature, it will also perfectly blend in with contemporary and modern home decor.

The Bear and The Panda

While decorating their home, most people hardly pay any attention to their kid’s rooms. Moreover, you will find that all types of prints are not suitable for the children’s room. But you can always trust simple Nordic art prints of cutesy animals, which will attract and please your kids. This panda and bear duo is versatile enough for you to put it up in your living room as well! The subdued white border on both the prints gives them a modern touch.

The Blue Fishes

This 2-piece canvas art is unique, quirky, and eye-catching. The shades of blue are soothing to the eye and are perfect for anyone who adores the hue. The simplicity of this minimalist art is striking, and it will be a conversation starter! You can put up this canvas print set on your living room wall, as well as your study or office. It will have two distinct looks against light and dark walls.

The Triangles

If geometric prints attract you, this unique canvas print set of different shades of triangles placed in an abstract form will please you. The pastel color palette of this set is perfect for any light-colored room. If your furniture has a hint of either of the colors on the canvas, the room will look even more aesthetic.

The Exotic Feathers

Bring home a 2-piece canvas art filled with fluffy and colorful feathers that will enhance the charm of your rooms. This print set has a contemporary feel to it that will blend well with modern home decor. It will look good against both light and dark-colored backgrounds, and you can put them up on your living room wall.

Now that you have an idea about Nordic art, head over to our online store and bring your favourite prints home!