5 Stunning Paintings for Living Rooms

5 Stunning Paintings for Living Rooms

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 16th Dec 2023

The living room is one of our house's most relaxing and personal corners. The décor of this room reflects you and your personality in many unsaid ways. Whether you are a nature lover or an art enthusiast, there is always a perfect piece of art for the living room that caters to your style and aesthetic. Here, we show you the top 5 stunning painting for living room that can give your living room an instant makeover.

Follow Your Dreams Chimpanzee

This art piece comes in the form of a large canvas print. It features a chimpanzee holding a bottle of spray paint, and it comes with a quote. It says, "Follow your dreams." The painting is inspired by urban graffiti street art and has a pop of colour in the background of the quote. The one-piece wall art is surely to be the centre of attention in your living room.

Pablo Picasso Violin

The Pablo Picasso Violin art print for the living room comes with a set of three-panel canvas prints. It depicts a work by the legendary Spanish painter Pablo Picasso and is truly an iconic piece to put on the walls of your living room. This is a limited edition for any art enthusiast who adores the work of Picasso and his abstractness. This piece is nothing less than a piece of art.

Burg Street Building

The "Burg Street Building" piece comes as a two-panel canvas print. Inspired by the landscape of a modern city, this piece for the living room will add European aesthetics to your wall. A beautifully curated wall décor item, this will add more dimensions and royalty to your living room.

Red Umbrella Eiffel Tower

Bringing a painting of the most romantic location in the world to your living room will surely give your wall décor extra glamour. The canvas print comes with a set of three-panel canvas prints. The piece shows the cityscape of Paris in the rainy season. Hang this beautiful art in your living room, and voila! Let the piece unfold its magic.

All Of Me

This artistic piece has a simple quote written on it with a deep meaning. The quote reads, “All of me loves all of you." This piece comes as a set of two-panel canvas prints. The wall décor is sure to make your living room a cozy and romantic place to relax and cuddle with a hot cup of coffee. This piece carries an abstract and minimalist style that won't overdo the aesthetics. The minimalism makes this art piece a perfect painting for living room.

In conclusion

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