10 Framed Artworks For House Warming Gift

10 Framed Artworks For House Warming Gift

Posted by Sara Taylor on 29th Mar 2021

Do you have a housewarming invitation? But you are not yet sure about your gift? Worry not, for we have got your back! Handmade paintings are ideal housewarming gifts. They can enhance the decor of new homes and add much-needed aestheticism to them.

If you are looking for the perfect framed artwork to buy as a present, check out the 10 pieces we handpicked for you:

The White Little Flowers

If impasto art works fascinate you, this painting is something you will like. The white flowers are created using the impasto technique, which gives more dimension to the artwork. The abstract background gives a contemporary look to it.

The stretched canvas impasto painting will stand out against any muted pastel-shaded wall. It will also bring vibrancy and color to the living room.

The Gold Lined Waves

Do you enjoy staring at the never-ending seas? Let this contemporary abstract painting stand as a witness for your affinity. There is a fluidic motion in the stretched canvas artwork that makes it unique. The gold outlines and the golden birds add diversity and quirk to the piece.

This painting is versatile and will appear striking against both dark and light-colored walls.

The Yellow Tree

Textured artworks are fascinating. They are one of a kind, and no two pieces can ever be exactly alike. Here is a beautiful impasto painting of a tree with soothing yellow blossoms and an abstract backdrop with textured patterns. This piece exudes a sense of joy and will perfectly suit any living room decor.

A Wall Of Florals

Floral paintings suit every type of decor, and everybody adores them. The combination of yellow and white heavy textured flowers in this framed art is pleasing to look at. There is an abstractness in this painting that makes it more intriguing.

It will blend smoothly against both bare light and dark-colored walls. It will suit the living room as well as bedroom walls.

The Blue Poppy

Here is another framed artwork of a magnificent blue colored poppy on a white, grey, and silver abstract background. The background and the sleek golden frame lend a modern vibe to the painting. It will look alluring against any pastel-colored wall in a living room wall.

The Vintage Piano

Any music lover will admire this abstract painting of an old piano. It is heavily textured, and the choice of colours makes the artwork stand out. The background is also an abstract one, and this brings more focus to the piano's rustic structure.

This painting will look in-place on a studio wall. The living room will look more aesthetic with this artwork on any wall.

The Chromatic Nude Girl

A colorful take on the portrait of a nude girl, this painting is uncommon and quirky. It is heavily textured, and the abstractness lends a contemporary feel to it. Owing to the use of bright colors, it can spark up any dull corner of a home. This framed art will look gorgeous on both light and dark-colored walls.

The Ballerina Dancer

This painting is for the passionate dancers who admire art. The dancing girl's heavily textured yellow costume looks charming against the abstract impasto background of various shades of the same color. It is perfect for a bedroom wall of soft pastel color.

Paint On The Walls

Here is a purely abstract painting made from splashes of paint on a stretched canvas. It is bright and vibrant and will complement modern home decor. One can put it up on any colored wall to jazz up the room and lend it an artistic touch.


If you enjoy abstract art, then you will want to buy this framed artwork. The splashes of different colors create exquisite patterns on the canvas, and the geometric lines and spirals make it more unique. It will stand out against a white wall and merge well with contemporary home decor.

Now that you have a specially curated list of handmade framed artworks at your disposal, you can select the perfect housewarming gift!