10 Eternally Popular Art Prints

10 Eternally Popular Art Prints

Posted by Garv on 9th Dec 2019

When it comes to art, we are aware of our likes and dislikes. When checking out an art gallery, people often go for pieces which challenge them. They may be the ones people stare the longest. They capture your attention and get you thinking. Hence, when you get an opportunity to decide on art works to decorate your homes, you opt for some of eternally popular art prints.

If you love abstract canvas painting and hate impressionism, then it is simple to look out. But, if you don’t know the difference, between impressionism and abstract, then you may get stuck. If you are not an art scholar, then it is completely okay not to understand the various art styles. Thus, here we put before you 10 eternally popular canvas painting.

1. Abstract

So, starting with the trickiest! If you are an educated person, then your love for abstract painting is irreplaceable, because they don’t depict anything! However, they cast a deep impact through their forms, shape, colors and marks. Abstract art isn’t representational. It could be based on something or have no source at all. Our abstract collection online features amazing print which make you form your own interpretation.

2. Modern

If you have ever visited MOMA in New York, you would have known how captivating modern art can be. Modern art covers the era from 1860 to 1970. It refers to a period rather than an art type. Each portray has a unique perspective and represents a denial of accepted traditions. Our gallery of Modern Art embraces beautiful colors, forms and lines depicting every aspect of existence.

3. Hollywood

Hollywood art is fun for all age groups. It is a great inclusion in the room of a teenager. It conveys a language which crosses generations. Hollywood involves popular culture advertising, movies, famous artists. It presents an art tradition. While browsing our Hollywood gallery, you will see how these cheap canvas prints draw inspiration from every era.

4. Contemporary

While modern art is about a time period, contemporary paintings are about the present time. It is essentially about making new paintings for sale. In simple words, it is an art piece showcasing the digital world. A lot of it is abstract. It features plenty of colors and can bring a minimalist room alive. 

5. Graffiti

Usually painted on walls, graffiti is a popular art form, comprising of slogans and words along with colorful paintings. When painted on properties, it is regarded as vandalism. But, when painted on a canvas, it is definitely legal and amazing. If you love colors, then our online Graffiti paintings for sale which provide you with a wide range of gritty, beautiful and striking graffiti canvas art.

6. Landscape Painting

A lot of people think that landscape painting is a quintessential art because landscape is universal. After all who doesn’t love a spectacular natural long view? Hence, buying a landscape is like purchasing an amazing view. And precisely, it works in all types of houses. A landscape is a natural and appealing option for art lovers.

7. Buddha

Buddhism has an artistic appeal in all cultures. Buddhist art is highly popular amongst Australians. It is eternally popular artwork and is said to cast a spiritual positivity in your house. Our collection of Buddha art radiates an Enlightened and Awakened message.

8. Sea and Ocean

Not everyone prefers colorful artwork in their room. If you are looking something simple and sober, yet beautiful and fresh, sea and ocean art print is just the serenity and calmness you need. Showcase more with this simple art piece. It looks poised and transparent and adds modern décor touch to your room. Check out our collection of sea and ocean art prints to see appealing paintings.

9. Floral

Floral prints never lose their charm. They bring happiness and life everywhere. Thus, it is the best option to bring in the outdoors to your room. It adds softness and delicacy to your décor. Check out botanical canvas art prints online and match them with your room décor.

10. Sports

Sports have been an all-time favorite for everyone. Such canvas prints don’t just make you feel relived, but also make your room snazzy. Canvas prints of Christiano Ronaldo, Muhammad Ali or any sport icon give you inspiration for success and add true sportsmanship in you. Our gallery collection will give you an insight of the best sport personalities.

Perhaps the article may have served your purpose of finding wall prints for living room. If you love any of the pieces and wish to get more knowledge on them, reach out to us and find the perfect one for your home. 

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