2020 Trendy Living Room Decor Ideas

2020 Trendy Living Room Decor Ideas

Posted by Garv on 19th Nov 2019

Raise your hands if you are always up for some significant room decor in your house. With new season fashion trends coming up, you see new home décor trends emerging every season which tempts you to update your house too. Though the trends keep changing and evolving, some go away the very next season, while some remain popular for years. So, it totally depends on you and your passion for home décor. Read on to discover the best 2020 trendy living room décor ideas compiled by us for you. They are just an upgrade to your present décor which means you don’t have to redecorate the whole room completely.

You don’t have any escaping trends. It depends on you whether you live by them or just remain unaffected. Here are some trends of 2020 for your living room that you should look forward to.

Abstract Energy

It is a fun and free-spirit interior decoration sought from abstract artwork. With beautiful and bold geometrics, and playful image blocks in different color, well it is totally about expressing your personality in your living room. The aim is to evoke emotions and present a mood which represents you and abstract canvas wall art definitely does that. The punchy colors, beautifully bold patterns cast a playful approach to your decoration style. The imperfect fluency of hand drawn forms creates a focus in your room in itself.

Eclectic Glamour

If you wish to move on from your retro design, then this 2020 bring in a more confident, bold and sassy look for your living room. Contemporary art prints online will beautifully fit to this theme. Think of beautiful curves and fluid shapes which take the middle stage showcasing the amazing theme. This wall art will make a real style statement in your living room. Showcase your flamboyant style along with the installation of a cocktail trolley in the living space. Bring in some dusky tone wall paints too.

The Continuing Trends of 2019

These trends are still in vogue from last year. The 2019 trends continue to support and add to your existing interior look. It is said to being sustainability to your space.

1. Nordic Retreat

You can update your scandi style with beautiful nordic art online in Australia. It is quite an understated look which leaves a big impact. It is known for creating a perfectly effortless stylish décor for your living room. So, for the year 2020, get the ever famous Scandi look and add different textures to bring depth to it. Create an inviting space for your guests to retreat and enjoy. The last year was inspired by global patterns, but this year it is all about understated patterns.

2. Retro Fusion

The nostalgic trend is all about bringing together mid-century interiors and designs from a past era. The retro fusion is all about enhancing the retro diversity- right from color scheme to bringing in retro interior design. It is like including a classic from a past era to your modern world. They are clean and simple lines but effortlessly stylish and aesthetic. It brings a practical yet contemporary aesthetic to your room. You can enhance the retro vibe with innovative paint techniques.

3. Beautiful Tropics

If you have love for nature, then botanical prints are certainly the best option for you this season. They offer a softer format to your space making the look appear lesser imposing. Botanical prints showcase your love for environment and nature and breathe new life into the room. It is a testament to showcase how much you prefer to live in nature’s company.

The 2020 décor trend is sure to leave a big impact on you and your visitors. Create an inviting space to go away from darkness and bring in inspired colors and patterns. Bring some big change this year to your living room to add glamour and calmness to your place. I’m sure the above mentioned décor ideas will be prove to be useful for you. In order to get more details on 2020 decoration, you should follow us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Your opinion is important to us and we acknowledge your feedback. We would love to hear from you, cheers!

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