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5 piece canvas print wall art
Stretched canvas set (Ready-to-hang!)
AU, NZ, US, CA, EUR, ASIA & Worldwide
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Hued colour shade hotel buildings, casino, statue of liberty, roller coaster, lights, run way in new york city and rok typography split landscape modern artwork, 5 large piece canvas prints for sale.

5 piece city art canvas prints.
100% HD quality multi panel large size art.
Stretched/framed canvas set.

Canvas set sizes (w x h):

M: 20 x 35cm + 20 x 45cm + 20 x 55cm + 20 x 45cm + 20 x 35cm
Total dimensions: 100 x 55cm.
XL: 30 x 50cm + 30 x 70cm + 30 x 80cm + 30 x 70cm + 30 x 50cm
Total dimensions: 150 x 80cm.

XXL: 40 x 60cm + 40 x 80cm + 40 x 100cm + 40 x 80cm + 40 x 60cm
Total dimensions: 200 x 100cm.

Hanging details:

Artwork is sent ready-to-hang stretched canvas set.
(Each canvas piece is gallery wrapped over a wooden frame).

* Please note: The above canvas sizes are mentioned in centimeters, the colors may vary between the digital screen and actual printing on canvas.

100% Quality Artwork - 14 day money back Guarantee!