Wow-Factor Botanical Prints for Hotels & Restaurants

Wow-Factor Botanical Prints for Hotels & Restaurants

Posted by Shirley MacLaine on 18th Jun 2021

Are you thinking of how you can brighten up your hotel rooms and infuse more energy and liveliness into your walls? Adorn your bare walls with beautiful canvas art prints. They will enliven any space and add color and aesthetics to your restaurants while enhancing the room wall decor. If you have trouble choosing a specific genre of art prints, you can always opt for botanical prints since they bring home the essence of nature. For your ease, we have made a list of five nature prints that you might want to own:

The Refreshing Leafy Affair

This set of 3 canvas prints featuring different kinds of leaves in the viridian hue is soothing for the eyes. It will stand out against a light yellow or white colored background and is best suited for your hotel bedrooms.

The Multicoloured Leaves

If you have a penchant for light abstract art, this set of canvas art prints of pastel-shaded leaves will steal your eyes! The translucent shades of teal, purple, and brown, add warmth and vibrancy to the dull grey leaves and create a pleasing visual contrast. You can keep this beside coffee tables in your restaurant.

Plants on The Wall

Plants always look good on balconies and hallways. If you want an everlasting plant for the hotel lobby, get hold of this botanical print set of Areca Palm, Bird of Paradise, and Gingko plants. It will add a bit of much-needed greenery.

The Bamboo Luck

Bamboo plants are said to attract good luck and wealth. If you are thinking about amplifying the positivity of your hotel, putting up a canvas print set of bamboo plants might be a good idea. It will also serve an aesthetic purpose and give your hotel a touch of nature.

Flora and Fauna

Amp up the room wall decor of the luxury suite of your hotel by hanging this gorgeous set of nature paintings in the master bedroom. This vibrant set gives off a retro vibe and can immediately alleviate the ambience of a room. It will look good against both light and dark walls.


These botanical prints have been hand-picked from a much more extensive collection of stunning canvas prints. Head over to our online shopping site to check out all the other options available, and add to cart all your favourite wall art prints.