Why Bring Home Animal Painting?

Why Bring Home Animal Painting?

Posted by Sara Taylor on 12th Feb 2021

Decorating your home with animal paintings is in vogue today, and why should it not be? They are vibrant, pleasing to look at, and successfully livens up rooms. They also bring home a touch of the wild with them. If you, too, have been thinking of getting your hand on some unique animal paintings that are sure to glam up your home décor, then you have landed on the right page! Check out the 5 artworks we have in store for you.

The Radiant Horse

Are you drawn to vibrant colors and have been looking for art pieces that will brighten up any dull corner of your home? Here's a painting of a horse's head for you. The twist lies in that it is not of the usual black, brown, or white color- it is a Multicoloured piece. The uneven and loose pattern of the strokes lends an abstract feel to the artwork. It is perfect for your living room wall and will infuse a sense of positivity.

Sparrows At The Beach

Are you looking for something soothing for your home? Here's a painting of groups of sparrows in front of the beach. It is a 3 piece canvas art that will beautifully spread across your room and give it a peaceful atmosphere. The color palette is pleasing to the eyes, and the textured sand and stone render depth and realism to the painting. You can also place this in your study room or office place.

The Enigmatic Jellyfish

The ocean is a magical place. It houses unique creatures that amaze us. How about having a piece of that underwater life in your bedroom? Have a look at this gorgeous painting of an ultramarine and powder-blue jellyfish. The plain black background plays an essential role in bringing the details of the artwork into focus. This canvas painting spreads across three panels, in turn giving us an insight into the vastness of the ocean. You can place this against a light-colored wall and stare at it with admiration all day long.

The Rainbow Elephant

Most humans generally share a liking for elephants. How about having a painting of an elephant in your house? This piece of art is distinctive. The side view of the head of an elephant is painted in the colors of the rainbow. Though the painting is bright but is sober on sight. It also exudes a calming aura which might have a positive effect on you and your family. This animal painting will go well with contemporary home décor as well.

The Running Horses

If you want something majestic for your home, then this painting will catch your eyes. The running horses give off a sense of action and passion. The yellow and brown tones add warmth to the piece. The impasto-like background also lends it an abstract touch. Since horses symbolize power and endurance, this animal painting is ideal for your living room as well as your office space.

Each of these paintings is handmade. Therefore, they are exclusive and one of a kind. Head over to our website and choose one for your home, now! Happy decorating!