What are Canvas Prints?

What are Canvas Prints?

Posted by Victor Brown on 3rd Oct 2020

Are you moving to your new house or want to renovate your interior of the existing unit ? If so, it is obvious you will also be planning to bring home the decor items as well. On this auspicious occasion different choices emerge from the family members and deep discussions are held regarding what to install on walls and other artifacts for enhancing beauty of the house. Do you know what comes on priority ?

Yes, the canvas wall art prints. Maximum people prefer to beautify their barren walls using this art style.

Paintings made by artists have always amazed us by their extreme brushwork, beautiful colors, and a story behind them. In yesteryears , the only way to beautify the dull walls was hanging traditional paintings on them. But in this modern age, the concept of people has also changed. The ways to enhance the interiors and boring walls have improved to a great extent. In the present scenario , we have canvas art prints that are a real companion of our walls. Now they are an integral part of our house decor. Canvas prints are the representation of original paintings and are economical and more on demand.

The charm of cheap canvas prints is certainly unique and instantly enhances the beauty of our house. canvas is a great option if you want to give your home a makeover, too, at a price which does not pinch us.

Some of the important features of canvas prints, depicted below, make us to think to opt this style of wall decor without ignoring them:

The quality of a canvas print is unmatched. As the canvas is more sturdy and durable, and may last up to 50 years depending upon its quality and thickness.

Printing on canvas is done on special format printers using waterproof printing inks which make them durable for years while keeping the colors, textures, and frames intact.

The prints on canvas are elegant, give a three-dimensional look and clear idea & theme of the artist, thereby giving the image a more refined look which helps to give more impact to the overall ambiance of the home interior.

The canvas prints can be stretched onto a wooden frame that is comparatively lighter in weight. They are available as unframed also that look equally impressive. On the other hand, traditional paintings always needed to be framed with special care and become heavy to handle.

Canvas art is convenient to pack and move while shifting from one place to another as it is light in weight and easy to carry.

When you shop for canvas prints for room decor, there are ample of choices in terms of size, color, and orientation.

Most of the people prefer print on canvas than paintings as it doesn’t give off any glare like we get to see in glass-framed paintings. The canvas prints look better and is pocket friendly too.

Hope the above details will help you to make quick decor decisions without any hassle. So don't wait and plan to proceed further to buy quality canvas prints from our online art gallery at a reasonable price. Sure your guests are waiting to applaud them!