What Are Canvas Prints?

What Are Canvas Prints?

Posted by Josh Phillips on 9th Jun 2022

A canvas print involves using an inkjet printer to print an image on the canvas. It is not to be confused with a canvas painting, however. For a canvas print, the canvas is stretched onto a frame once it has been printed. A variety of framed and frameless options are available in the market for customers to choose from.

Canvas prints can represent any design of your choice, and they are an eye-catching way to express your most remarkable memory, as they can be customized. You can print out your wedding photo or a photo from your vacation that you like. They're not only a fun way to liven up a place, but they're also an aesthetic approach to refreshing your interiors.

How Are Canvas Art Prints Different from Normal Art Prints?

One of the most significant differences between an art print and a canvas print is the print's surface. The print surface of the art print is paper, but in a canvas print, it is the canvas. An art print is slimmer as compared to a canvas print and looks better when framed. On the other hand, a stretched canvas print will look beautiful regardless of being framed or unframed.

Better Quality Than Poster Prints

The color intensity of posters is one area where they fall short in terms of print quality. Because the thin paper prevents the ink saturation required for quality photo reproduction, the colors lack depth and glow. Canvas has long been praised for its ability to absorb color. Canvas photo prints create vibrant color saturation because the fabric material absorbs much more ink than a poster's wood fibers.

Matte Nature of Canvas Prints

The highly textured fabric surface of the matte canvas minimizes glare, allowing you to appreciate the precise definition of your photo print from any angle, and the colors will emulate as vibrantly on the canvas as they did in the original. Canvas prints give your paintings a softer, more aesthetic vibe, making them an essential accessory for home decor.

The Durability of Canvas Prints

One of the most compelling arguments for canvas prints is their durability. Canvas, as a material, has proven to stand the test of time. You can take additional measures to ensure an even longer shelf-life for your canvas art prints.

Canvas prints endure much longer than other materials, such as acrylic prints. The plexiglass used in acrylic prints becomes opaque over time.


With so many canvas print companies to choose from, determining which one delivers the finest quality canvas prints at a fair price can be challenging. Arttree offers high-definition canvas prints with canvases of professional quality. The prints are one hundred percent water-proof and include fade-free saturated inks in a variety of artistic themes. Most canvas prints are provided with extra edges around the canvas for easy stretching and framing.

If you are looking for the perfect canvas print for your home, Arttree can help you out in your endeavor!