Wall Art You'll Love in 2020

Wall Art You'll Love in 2020

Posted by Garv on 23rd Dec 2019

Your interior art is something very personal to you. In the year 2019, people kept their art selections very expressive. Their wall art always kept them reminding of their goals in life. Wall art tells a lot about you and thus it can do wonders in conveying message. This is one reason why more and more people are getting aware of wall art. But, often people struggle to select the best wall art styles for their rooms and this is when an interior designer enters.

So, if you are ready to enter into the colorful and amazing realm of wall art, then the biggest news is that this year you have some of the promising art styles. This year, in 2020, designers suggest bolder and more eloquent wall art styles for you. With minimalist art styles fading away, people are opting for more expressive wall art to decorate their rooms.

Here is a list of the best and affordable wall art prints created by professional illustrators:

Add New Freshness to Your Room with Botanical Prints

Natural designs of plants are still being loved. Surely, you can never go wrong with plants and trees. They always radiate freshness and peace. It is always a good idea to bring in some additional life to your room by adding an art which features botanical.

Botanicals have been in trend for the past few years and they are still going strong. The rise in demand for sustainable items has made the artists focus on the green and blue color paintings. The serene image of leaves and flowers delight the room and art nouveau creeps in gradually.

Bring In Some Love and Empathy with Animal Prints

And, then you have so many animals to showcase. Include impeccable wall arts of beautiful animals, especially dogs to brighten, lighten and sparkle your room. Animals induce friendliness in the ambiance and bring in happiness. The brown color paintings of animals are really good to look at. They are a perfect wall art inclusion for this year for your living room.

Include Some Retro Style with Antique Pictures

So, if you are a lot into vintage things and antique items, then nothing could delight you other than an antique wall art. Go for gilded frames to accentuate the look. The estate style art will bring in a lot of panache and vintage look to your wall.

Beautiful, Bold and Colorful Art Will Be an Eye-Catcher

Pull together some brilliant colorful and bold abstract art. It has been in trend in the past years and it continues to be the favorite of the designers. The bigger, the bolder, better it is.

Abstract art include different shapes and colors to present a sensual and loud attempt. So, if you wish to dramatize your living room with beautiful shapes and colors of geometry, then this artwork will surely bring visual stillness to your place.

Even the black and white canvas wall art can be impressively used. It adds a different uniqueness to your room.

Beautiful Female Figure Rules Every Living Room

The art world has always been obsessed with human body, especially women. If you are into women empowerment and you wish to tell their side of story, then these wall arts are a must inclusion in your home. They offer strong power to woman and appreciate feminism. The color scheme is earthy. Art can give a strong political and philosophical message to anyone. The eccentric female figures allow you to speak your heart.

Elegant and Dynamic Eclectic Collages Enlighten the Walls

This beautiful technique is about including two or more paintings to create an attention grabbing statement. It is expressive, perfect and the next big thing in 2020.

Line Art Has a Great Appeal

This beautiful art trend is the dream of every minimalist. Line art uses negative space power to create a dramatic visual statement with just black lines on a white background. The black and white canvas prints are classic and contemporary at the same time. So, feel free to choose your artwork and bring in some raw simplicity to your space.

Closing Lines

I hope the post offers you some fresh ideas and inspiration to garnish your wall with elegant and beautiful wall arts. It is certainly one of the best ways to showcase your perspective and personality. If you love quirky art, then don’t hesitate in bringing that personality to your room. And, for bold painting lover, it is advisable to go for modern and contemporary art with vibrant colors.

Spending on art is a great investment for your house, but you don’t need to burn a hole in your pocket to accomplish it. You can easily buy wall arts from reputed online stores to get the best art prints at highly reasonable rates in Australia. So, which of the above prints is your favorite? Tell us on Facebook, twitter or Instagram. We shall be happy to get your comments and feedback. 

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