Upgrade your Home Décor with Sculptures

Upgrade your Home Décor with Sculptures

Posted by Jessica Lange on 22nd Jan 2021

Whenever we talk of decorating our home or upgrading its interiors, we think of changing the furniture, drapes or getting wall paintings. Isn’t this true?

However, we miss out that decorative sculptures are a great way to enhance the beauty of our home interiors.

Inexpensive and artistic, home décor sculptures not only add beauty and elegance to your homes but also give you a chance to express your style and personality.

Here’s how you can use sculptures to give an entirely new look and vibe to your home.

Place your favorite piece of art on the floor or a pedestal

This is one of the easiest and best ways to add some drama and grab everyone’s attention in a room. You can place a large sculpture piece on the floor of your living room or display the smaller ones on a pedestal.

Add minimalist sculptures to your bookshelves

Metal, glass, and resin, there’s so much to choose from when it comes to buying minimalist art pieces for your bookshelves. Smaller pieces placed towards the front will get noticed by everyone and turn the bookshelves into a stunning display.

Fill the empty spaces in your kitchen

Sculptures add flavor to your kitchen décor. You can place them on the kitchen counter or display them on the shelves interspersed with food containers.

Choose sculptures that reflect your interests

Add a touch of your personality to the sculptures by choosing those that reflect your interests, give you happiness, or remind you of your childhood days. This will not only add to the beauty of your home but also make you feel connected.

Sculptures aren’t just for artists and art collectors, anybody can use them and add uniqueness to their homes. From metallic wall sculptures to statues and minimalists to opulent, decorative sculptures come in a plethora of forms and sizes.

Here are some bonus tips to ensure you use them in the right way.

Try not to go overboard with the sculpture designs. Buying them could be enticing but the key is to choose something that matches your personality and existing home interiors.

Give your sculptures enough space to breathe. Placing them in crowded places will take away the essence.

Always place these pieces of art where they can get noticed, and not behind busy backgrounds.

A room is not complete until it has a piece of art that makes a statement and inspires people around. What’s better than getting a sculpture that speaks your heart and mind? No matter what kind of sculptures you choose from Arttree, they will always make a statement.

Look around the outdoor and indoor spaces in your home. Do you feel some spots are incomplete? This could be a signal to fill those spaces with sculpture and give them a new life.