Unique Abstract Sculptures That Are Attention-Worthy

Unique Abstract Sculptures That Are Attention-Worthy

Posted by Keira Knightley on 16th Sep 2021

You do not always have to make significant changes while redecorating your home. Even little artistic elements can bring about a substantial shift in the outlook. All you need is an eye for unique and aesthetic objects like abstract sculptures and figurines that can focus on themselves. A small but striking sculpture placed on the right table in the right room can become a conversation starter and alter the room’s vibe.

To make this process easier, we have hand-picked five stunning abstract sculptures that you might find attractive!

The Marble Baby Angel

A charming and delicate piece, this tender looking angel resin sculpture is the perfect table decor item for your office space or your study. The white color and the light sheen complement each other and create a pleasing visual. You can place this on a wooden or black marble or granite table.

The Golden Cactus

Did you always want to keep a cactus on your table but wasn't sure you could take proper care of it? You can finally give in to your desire and opt for this fashionable metal sculpture that seems to resemble a cactus! It has a certain modern appeal that bodes particularly well with contemporary home decor.

The Dancing Statuette

Do you have a penchant for dance? Bring home this delicate-looking dancing figurine that would appear wonderful in your living room to include your passion into your home design. The tinge of blue and yellow in this glass-like sculpture gives it a sophisticated vibe that will go well with modern decor.

The Soft White Flame

This grey-toned abstract sculpture is capable of adding a hint of elegance and poise to your impeccably decorated home. It will not only look gorgeous on a dark wooden coffee table but also enhance the surrounding area’s aesthetics. You can even place it in your office or study as it has a polished look. The movement portrayed in the sculpture will inevitably draw your guests’ attention!

A Drop in the Ocean

The uniqueness of any figurine draws notice first, and then so does the artistic calibre involved. This resin sculpture excels in both fields. The fluidic motion of the water droplet will add depth and dynamic elegant decor. You can place it on a glass table to bring more focus.


You can visit our online store and choose your favourite figurine from our vast collection- you might find one for each room! Happy shopping!