Typography And Symbol Prints That Will Suit Contemporary Home Decor

Typography And Symbol Prints That Will Suit Contemporary Home Decor

Posted by Emma Anderson on 28th Dec 2021

Different people have different tastes. Many people shy away from installing Canvas prints in their houses because colorful sceneries or portraits don't fit their vision of a classy home. But, you do not have to struggle with wall decor anymore because you've got typography and symbol prints to save the day!

These prints are usually minimalistic and focus on the core idea of the painting rather than a flashy output. Here are some of our best prints to kickstart your browsing.

Celebrating Every Body

Body positivity is at the center of today's culture. No matter your size, shape, or skin color, you're just as worthy of love and respect as anybody else.

This art print set brings the message of an all-inclusive world to life. Birds of different colors flock together on one side, whereas diverse people link arms to form a circle on the other. Positive symbolism is very evident in this print set. It will help you feel more confident about yourself and extend the same kindness towards everyone you meet.

Morning Affirmations

How you spend your mornings sets the tone for the rest of your day. It's always nice to get in a workout session, a green tea break, and a warm shower in the daytime - but let's be honest, most of us haven't got the time for it all.

Just looking at some inspiring quotes every morning can help you stay afloat on a difficult day. The quotes on these prints celebrate individuality and remind you to believe in yourself. So they can act as a dosage of confidence for you as soon as you wake up.

Play and Learn!

Childhood is one of the most important phases in an individual's life. How you're taught to view life in this period tends to stay on your mind forever. Thus, install wall art that makes your child happy and helps them get ready for the competitive world out there.

This art print contains adorable visuals and soft colors that will make your child excited about their room decor. It also includes the English alphabet in a big font so that your child can start grasping the language early on. As learning is mixed with play, your little one will never forget their lessons!

Don't Miss Out On Motivation

Canvas prints aren't just meant to make your house look pretty. Since you look at the same images every day, the words and pictures can become an indistinguishable part of your psyche.

This typography print urges you to stop and introspect so that you can figure out if you're on the right path or not. It supports your growth while the sea print brings in some much-needed color.


Typography prints go beyond the beautification of your room; they add meaning to your daily life. On the other hand, Symbol prints urge you to look deeper into everything you come across so that you can resonate with an artist's thoughts. At Arttree, you can find art prints of both kinds in ample variety. The elegant fonts and calm backgrounds make these pieces perfect for all areas of the house.

Our HD printing techniques and waterproof ink will ensure that your art print never loses its polished look and stays just as beautiful in the years to come. So what are you waiting for? Begin your print shopping spree today!