Turn Your Room into a Treasure Trove with Famous Painting Prints

Turn Your Room into a Treasure Trove with Famous Painting Prints

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 21st Jul 2021

We all love to explore international art galleries during vacations. Local exhibitions are also a great option to spend hours admiring famous artworks. However, what happens when we come back home after that?

There are empty walls with dull wallpapers and the same old colors. It is time to change your home a little bit and add a touch of creativity to your walls. If you thought that would cost you a lot, be sure that it won't. Moreover, shopping for painting prints online makes it so much easier too!

Now, shortlisting the perfect wall art prints can be very confusing. Here is a list of some famous painting prints that will instantly make your room look better.

The Peaceful House

This is one of the most famous canvas art prints by Andrew Newell Wyeth. He was a renowned American artist who sold several realistic paintings, such as this one. Elsie’s house captures European life and the charming simplicity of it.

It’s a simple portrait of a countryside house that is as beautiful as a story. The white base of Elsie's House is perfectly suitable for your living room walls, irrespective of the color. These are top-quality painting prints and can instantly change the vibes around.

A Cloudy Day

Another one by the supremely talented Andrew Newell Wyeth, Main Gaff, is a perfect example of modern Scandinavian Wall Art. This is one of Wyeth's most famous painting prints that you can acquire online. The work of shadows and lights in this artwork is excellent and somehow gives it a very intimate feeling.

The color of the skies in the Main Gaff captures a cloudy day perfectly. It is how a port looks on a gloomy day. Moreover, smaller details, such as the wooden pole and ropes, add a rustic vibe to this amazing wall art. The Main Gaff print will look best on a wide living room wall, especially if it has a mute shade such as grey or pale purple. Throw in some cushions in vibrant shades on the couch in front, and there you can see the difference!

The Modern Musical Trio

Abstract wall art prints are the trendiest, and what’s better than a set of Nordic Scandinavian digital art frames? It is a set of three painting prints that you can hang individually or as a collage. If you want to add a modern vibe to your contemporary living room, this set of abstract artwork is perfect! The saturation effect and the colors used are so versatile that it works well with any background. It is incredible how the artist has played with various colors and used gaps in the picture to create a perfect blend. The even size of all three frames gives a fuller look to your living room, making it cozier and more fun.

Countries Apart

For everyone who loves minimalist canvas art prints, the Hello Sunshine is the perfect piece of home décor. The mute frame with just the words "HELLO sunshine" breaks the monotony created by the rest of the two frames on either side of it. It is also a way to show the contrast between the two scenes. While one is an interior shot of the Plaza de Espana in Seville, the other one is the Lama Monachile beach in Italy. The vibes of two European countries captured in a single line is mesmerizing.

While these are just a few examples of the famous painting prints available, you can head over to our website for more choices, where you will find the complete album.