Tree Wall Paintings to Deepen the Roots of Décor

Tree Wall Paintings to Deepen the Roots of Décor

Posted by Sara Taylor on 1st Apr 2022

The scenic views depicting the natural beauty of mother nature have always touched our hearts and inspired our souls. Whether they are mountains or trees, artists consider them their muse to create fabulous pieces of artwork.

A smorgasbord of different trees has always been an inspiration for popular artists. Not only this, trees serve as a harbinger of growth and revival. Their presence teaches us to stay grounded and keep growing.

Arttree has come up with an exclusive tree wall art collection. Every artistic creation we sell has a story to narrate and an emotion to evoke. So, don’t wait anymore and explore these handmade paintings to update your wall décor.

Tall Trees Wall Art Set

You may lose track of time looking at tall trees and forest landscapes, and if this scene is portrayed on a canvas by an artist, then it will certainly refresh your interiors. This silver-hued heavy texture handmade painting is truly a classic piece that looks super stylish and makes the ambiance look extra glamorous. Pair it with a designer sofa set with swanky, shiny cushions, and reflect your extraordinary décor choices.

Holt Wall Art Set

Blue is the color that brings calmness while yellow brings joy. The combination of these hues can never fail to create magic on the canvas. You will indeed agree with these lines if you keenly look at this 2-panel oil painting. Reflecting the trees with blue and yellow leaves, this botanical art print is the finest way to give your interiors a décor boost.

Dried Trees Wall Art Set

The background in this art with multiple shades makes this painting look bright and vivacious. From the dried tree branches to the curved pattern spots created by the artist, everything about this artwork is superb and gives a different visual appeal. This handmade creation will quickly enlighten your interiors and turn your boring ambiance into an aesthetically charming space.

Multicolor Tree

Are you looking for something unique? Well, this 4-panel artwork is the perfect fit to match your one-of-a-kind taste. The curved blots and multiple branches of the tree add depth to the ambiance and create a visual interest in the room.

Green Forest

We saved the best for last. Green has always been associated with fresh beginnings and growth for obvious reasons as this hue represents forest and trees. This handmade landscape painting featuring wonderful green lush trees around a track path is such a serene view. It will not only redefine the standards of your existing décor but also keep you miles away from everyday stress.


A tree wall painting in your home or office will add grace to the interiors and promote your well-being and nurture your inner self daily. We say that a good décor with a touch of natural design elements puts our minds at ease and relaxes our stressed nerves. Try it and you’ll feel the same. Place an order now!