Top-Notch Abstract Art Prints For Hotel Lobbies

Top-Notch Abstract Art Prints For Hotel Lobbies

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 25th Jun 2021

People go on vacations and stay in hotels to break from the mundane and tiresome cycle of everyday life. For them, hotels are places that offer a comfortable, pleasurable, and stress-free environment. Therefore, you will find the choice of color palette, lighting, interior, and exterior decor perfectly suited for creating a pleasant and positive environment. Many hotel owners invest large amounts of money to call in designing experts who can help them in this aspect. Almost all interior designers introduce elements of art into the decor to completely transform the look and vibe of a space. If you are a hotel owner, you should follow this advice and step up the hotel game.

Art has a distinct way of lifting morale and boosting positivity in people. While concentrating on the rooms, cafes and other essential parts of the hotel, do not forget about the lobbies. You might think people do not spend much time there, but lobbies lead to the respective rooms. How well the hotel lobbies are decorated and maintained can impact the minds of your guests. To help you find admirable wall decor, we have handpicked five beautiful abstract art prints:

The Slabs on The Wall

If your hotel lobby has a classy and sophisticated modern decor, you can balance out the formal appearance with this rustic art print. It has a sober and matted color palette that has a soothing effect on the onlooker. The sleek golden frame adds the right amount of contemporary feel and enhances the charm of the print. The pastel shades will look great against a brightly colored wall.

Sunrise On The Beach

This set of three abstract art prints is the ideal result of elegance and quirk. The two primary colors- blue and yellow, form a gorgeous sight for sore eyes. The shade of yellow used here reminds one of molten gold and adds brightness and vibrancy to the print. The warm and cool tones create a stunning effect that will look exceptionally good against a pastel shaded wall.

A Play Of Colors

Sometimes, adding just a little bit of color can change the dynamics of a space. If your hotel lobby lacks an element of surprise and fun, we have found the best canvas art print that can be the solution. Invest in this unique three piece abstract art set, and watch it enliven your lobby in seconds! The choice of colors is delightful and will satisfy both adults and children. Light and dark colored walls will make good backgrounds, with each highlighting different aspects of the prints.

Lines And Semi-Circles

The beauty of abstract art lies in its indiscernible meaning and the various interpretations it gives rise to. This set of three abstract art prints is no exception. The blue-ish green, yellow, grey, black, and white shades come together to create a stunning visual concoction that can perk up any dull space. It will look good against both dark and light colored walls.

The Rainbow Jungle

Transform the look of your hotel lobby with this gorgeous 4 piece abstract art print. It uses a vivid color palette that radiates positivity and a sense of mysticism. It is enchanting to look at and will definitely catch the eye of your guests. The textured effect lends a modern touch to this print. It will blend well with contemporary decor and look exceptionally good against a light or white background wall.


The canvas art prints you see here serve as a glimpse into a much bigger collection that you will find in our online store. You can head over to our website and let your eyes guide you to the most suitable art pieces for your hotel lobby. With them in your possession, the compliments from your clients will come pouring in! Happy shopping!