Top 7 Vintage Art Prints For Your Workspace

Top 7 Vintage Art Prints For Your Workspace

Posted by Keira Knightley on 13th Mar 2022

Whether you’re buying art for your work-from-home office set up or for your business workspace, investing in good quality art is essential. Did you know that the way your office is decorated can significantly impact how productive your employees are? Often, staring at bland whitewashed walls can be tedious and discouraging. Invest in art prints to brighten up your office environment and keep yourself and your colleagues engaged! We’ve compiled a selection of the top 7 vintage art prints for your workspace in this article.

Sinuous Wight Wall Art Set

Henri Matisse heavily inspires this set of seven art prints. It depicts multiple abstract concepts such as a human inline figure pattern, a nude woman, and typography art. If you’re an art enthusiast who appreciates Matisse’s work, this set of prints is the right choice for you.

Good Things Take Time

Typography art is a great way to have motivating elements in your office space. This set of two prints with a “good things take time” canvas reminds you that at the end of the day, your hustle is going to be worth it. So, stay motivated by hanging these canvas art prints in your workspace!

Smear Leaves 3 Piece

This set of three abstract prints would be a great addition to the décor for your workspace. These prints are adorned with leaves, triangles, curved lines, and geometric patterns and bring a modern vibe to any room.

Calico Mackles

If you’re dabbling in digital art for the first time, this three-piece vintage art print set is worth your consideration. These prints are adorned with Calico color shades spots and rectangular geometric patterns. So go ahead and hang these on the walls of your office to add a degree of sophistication and chicness to your workspace.

Flower Leaves

Floral art has always remained a popular choice in any sphere of art. Choosing décor for your office can often be confusing. However, you can never go wrong with flowers and leaves! This set of two art prints is minimalist, with the illustration of a rose on one canvas while the other depicts leaves with shadows.

Zigzag Streak

A fusion of abstract patterns and leaves, this set of two canvas prints comes in hues of green. The zigzag lines and geometric patterns are accompanied by minimalism, making these prints stand out. Not only will they add warmth to your workspace but also freshen up the walls of your office!

Human Figure

This set of three art prints has a touch of minimalism with modern elements. The prints comprise a human figure, “yes to black power” typography, and a peony flower. Most people do not tend to put a lot of thought into the art they hang at their workspaces. However, powerful art prints can positively impact you and your employees, thus boosting productivity!


Don’t be afraid to dabble in the world of digital art. Explore the plethora of options available to choose the art that best suits the vibe you wish to create in your workspace. So, browse through Arttree impressive collection of vintage art prints that would be perfect for the walls of your office. You can rest assured that the prints delivered by us are of premium quality and are long-lasting!