Top 7 Flowery Paintings for the Lobby

Top 7 Flowery Paintings for the Lobby

Posted by Emmy Rossum on 10th Sep 2023

Flowers have a unique charm and warmth associated with them. Everyone feels a sense of joy and peace when they come across flowers. Moreover, flowers are visually pleasing and come in a plethora of colours! These are primarily the reasons behind the popularity of flowers in home decor. The lobby acts as a link between the outside and your home. It gives a glimpse into your home decor and should emanate an inviting appeal.

We suggest you opt for flowery paintings to upgrade the decor in your lobby. Here are our favourite picks -

White Blossom

Add a touch of spring to your home decor with this captivating artwork. It features pretty, delicate white blossoms that exude elegance and a sense of calm. The impasto style of painting gives it a detailed look.

Beautiful Forest

Transport yourself to a wild wonderland with this fascinating painting. The blue hues and the intricate details evoke a sense of wonder in the eyes of the observer. The soothing colour palette emanates a sense of tranquility.

Dapple Arbor

Add colour and vibrancy to your lobby with this mesmerising painting of a tree with rainbow leaves. The variety of colours in this painting will brighten any space's ambience and radiate positive vibes.

Beach of Flowers Artwork

If you want a unique twist to flowery paintings, opt for the one portraying a breathtaking beachscape adorned with enchanting white blossoms. It can infuse your lobby with a sense of serenity and unwavering charm.

Sunflower Garth

There is no alternative to the alluring quality of sunflowers, and this painting beautifully captures the radiant aura of sunflowers. It showcases a vibrant field of sun-kissed blooms, elevating your home’s decor.

Red Poppies

This masterpiece celebrates the beauty and elegance of red poppies. The bright colours can instantaneously infuse your room with vitality and vivacity. Moreover, the combination of gold and red oozes a sense of royalty!

Catharanthus Roseus

Here is another rainbow-inspired botanical painting that will boost your home's vibrancy. The delicate white blossoms against the multicolored backdrop look engrossing. Put this on your lobby wall to upgrade the aesthetics of your decor.


These 7 flowery paintings are perfect for those who want to give their lobbies a warm and welcoming look. Make your guests glee when they see your lobby adorned with such beauty! Visit the Arttree website today to view our vast collection.