Top 7 Cityscape Handmade Paintings

Top 7 Cityscape Handmade Paintings

Posted by Emma Anderson on 10th Apr 2021

Paintings are the best way to bring some vigor and color to your home. If you feel your walls look dull and lifeless, handmade wall art can do the trick. Paintings even have the power to change the feel of your living space. If you are an avid traveler, you might have visited several beautiful places and cities. What better way to commemorate the adventures and the cities than stunning cityscape paintings? Here are 7 hand-picked paintings we think you will appreciate!

The Concrete City

This city painting is an abstract one. It is like an ode to the continually growing brick-like structures that surround us. The red and black color combination brings out the monotony of city life. The grey undertone that creates the shadows at the back adds to the aestheticism of the painting. The white backdrop and the highlights brighten up the artwork. You can put this up on either a light or dark-toned wall. The sleek golden frame completes the look and will blend well with contemporary home décor.

A Walk On The Rainbow

Looking for something bright and colorful for your living room? We have the perfect art piece for you. Here is another abstract cityscape painting that you will like. The artist recreated a view of an avenue- with a little twist. The trees on either side are not green but resemble the color spectrum of a rainbow. The little couple brings into focus the grey and white background of the painting, in turn, adding depth. The golden frame adds to the modernist approach of the artwork.

City of Paris

Paris is the dream city of most beings. Some of us have already visited this artsy abode, and some of us are yet to turn this dream into a reality. This painting focuses on the famous Eiffel Tower, but it isn’t painted in the usual dreamy pattern. Instead, we get a glimpse of how it looks during a rainy night. The black and white background adds a hint of abstractness to this cityscape painting. The bright red colored umbrella at the front adds contrast. This painting is a perfect piece for your hallway. A light-colored wall will bring out the brightness of the wall art.

A Road That Leads To Sea

If you are attracted to warm tones, then this is the perfect cityscape painting for you. It resembles the rustic streets and houses of Italy and seamlessly blends into the nearby waterbody. The beautiful flowering plants, the bricks, and the window panes add details to the painting. It also exudes a sense of peace and calm. You can keep this painting on a bare wall in your bedroom. It will help you daydream about your next vacation!

Building Blocks

Abstract and urban sketching come together in this painting. It is brightly colored and attracts the eye of the onlooker. The sky's the main focus of this painting. It is exquisitely detailed and gives the artwork a different feel altogether. The brushwork resembles impasto techniques, and it livens up the reflections falling on the water. The 3-panel structure of the painting also adds to the abstract form. You can amp up your living room’s décor with this unique piece.

The Sydney Coast

The Sydney Opera House is the most unique and aesthetically pleasing structure in the world. Now, you can even look at it all day long, with this multi-panel painting of the magnificent edifice. Warm and cool tones flawlessly blend in this cityscape painting and appear soothing to your eyes. This art piece will complement any modern home décor and bring focus to the colors in the room.

The Eiffel Tower

Here is another painting of the iconic Eiffel Tower in its glory. The background impasto work lends an abstract and aesthetic touch to the painting. This handmade wall art goes well against dark and light-colored walls and can blend in with your rustic or contemporary home design. It is not only suited for your home but will look good even in an office space.

Did any of the city paintings catch your eye? Then what are you waiting for? Head over to our website and bring home a unique piece of art that will fetch you tons of compliments.