Top 5 Tips For Choosing Custom Cityscape Paintings

Top 5 Tips For Choosing Custom Cityscape Paintings

Posted by Somapika on 21st Oct 2019

It is true that every single one of us dreams to grow up in the city and live in the high rise buildings. And while some of those dreams come true, some tend to stay just dreams. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t channel your inner heart’s desire with the cityscape paintings in your home décor.

When it comes to the cityscape paintings, there are so many variants to choose from. From the affordable cityscape paintings to the custom made ones made just for your home, the options are quite extensive.

If you are planning on purchasing one, there are some tips that we would love to share.

1. Focus On The Color Scheme

If you want your friend to compliment the painting of the buildings that you have put up, you need to ensure it stands out in the room. The best way to do so is by focusing on the color scheme. More than anything else, adding in a pop of color can take the look of the painting from bare minimum to something next level. But, even with the colors, you need to ensure that it matches and blends well with your décor. You want the painting to compliment the look, not make it seem like an outcast.

2. Blend In With The Aesthetics

Given that we live in the era of Pinterest and Instagram, it is a necessity that we focus on the aesthetics of the house. When you are adding a cityscape night painting, you want the wall to have a subdued color on it. You want something that has a pastel vibe to it. Stopping and focusing on your aesthetics before making the purchase is a good idea.

3. Want To Get It Custom Made?

You will find credible painters everywhere. If not, you will also find several online art stores selling custom pieces. If your living room is one of a kind, chances are that you will want something that’s one of a kind too, especially when it comes to the paintings you are putting up. Getting custom art made pieces can be a little daunting for your bank account but trust me, the end results will definitely leave you pleased.

4. Compare The Prices

When you are purchasing cityscape paintings online, you definitely need to compare the prices. More than anything else, this is a necessity. Comparing the prices can not just give you a better idea about the price point but also provide with impeccable choices for you to browse through. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run after the “cheaper” variants.

5. Does It Fit Perfectly?

The size of the painting is crucial for you to know of. If the painting is too small, chances are that the walls behind will overwhelm the beauty of the painting. This isn’t something you want. While making the purchase, make sure to check the dimensions of the painting as well.

When you are thinking of buying cityscape paintings, these are some of the pointers you need to keep in mind. If you need versatile paintings under one platform, Arttree does have a good number of available options for you to glance through.

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