Top 5 Textured Knife Painting for Your New Home

Top 5 Textured Knife Painting for Your New Home

Posted by Ana Stone on 22nd May 2022

If you feel tired of your existing interiors and do not seem to get any more inspiration from them- it's time to introduce a splash of color! A simple addition to your home, such as a canvas artwork, can bring vibrancy and excitement to your rooms without burning a hole in your pocket.

We understand that choosing the perfect artwork that represents the energy you wish to emulate and appears compatible with the rest of your interior can be tricky. So, to aid you in your search for the perfect canvas artwork, we have selected a few textured knife paintings which we think you will like:

Pink Blossom Vase

The color pink provides your home with a charming, sweet, and warm personality. This artwork of pink blossoms in a simple vase, set against a soft blue background, can beautifully complement a white or grey-walled interior.

Beach of Flowers Artwork

A beautiful seascape that overlooks a setting sun- a perfect amalgamation of pinks, whites, and blues hues. If you are looking for artwork that would add elegance and sophistication to your home, this is our pick! The colors are somber and mellow and would go best with a dark wall.

Sunflower Garth

Sunflowers are unlike any other flower in their ability to uplift people's spirits. They're bright and cheerful, as well as warm and inviting as the summer sun. Sunflower Garth is a lively textured knife art that beautifully contrasts yellow sunflowers with shades of violet, blue and green. This product will look best against any neutral tone wall and will surely liven up any room!

Dog with Hat

The love shared between you, and your pet is unlike any other—they're our constant companions, bringing joy to our lives. If you are looking forward to celebrating your fur-buddy while keeping it eccentric, this product is perfect for you. The Dog with Hat canvas artwork will contrast nicely against a brick or textured wall. This quirky painting can also act as an ideal conversation starter for when you are entertaining guests!

Multicolor City Wall Art Set

If your interior is influenced by modern design, natural or monochromatic colors, and simple lines, this product would blend in perfectly. The city symbolizes new beginnings and constant changes, and the skyscrapers' vertical trajectories constantly remind us of our aspirations. This set can enhance any space with a minimalist aesthetic and would be a perfect companion to grey-toned furniture.


Arttree’s textured knife paintings are made to order, and our professionals will curate these custom artworks as precisely to the design of your choice as possible and per your choice of finish canvas, whether Rolled or Stretched. These products will enhance the look of your living space, or they can also be a perfect gift!