Top 5 Nature Paintings For The Living Room

Top 5 Nature Paintings For The Living Room

Posted by Keira Knightley on 16th May 2022

Choosing the perfect home décor can often be challenging. However, nature lovers are always on the lookout for new and exciting ways to enjoy the great outdoors in whatever capacity they can. Those who fall into this category should opt for living room décor inspired by nature paintings.

Waterfront, sunset, or lakeside scenes are some of the most common subjects for a nature painting. Opting for nature paintings can be an excellent option if you’re searching for stunning ways to adorn your living room walls. Nature paintings can elevate any living space and give it an air of sophistication.

Colorful Mountains Artwork

If you are someone who loves the outdoors and are searching for artwork that is incredibly vibrant and colorful, this set of three canvas oil paintings is the perfect choice for you.

It is a gorgeous illustration of colorfully shaded mountains painted in the heavily textured art style. Whether you’re a nature lover yourself or want to gift this to one, paintings from Arttree are a fantastic option due to their excellent quality.

Seashore Artwork

This set of two paintings depicts the seashore on a bright day. Additionally, the artwork depicts a boat resting on the shore and a lighthouse in the distance.

If you are someone who loves spending their leisure time at the beach, this set of two oil paintings might be the ones for you. So go ahead and display your love for nature by hanging these stunning paintings in your living room.

White Blossom Garth Wall Art Set

This trio of oil on canvas paintings on the walls is a sight to behold. White blossom blooms in full bloom are depicted in stunning detail. The brilliant blue sky serves as a backdrop for the flowers in all three paintings.

Among the most intriguing aspects of paintings like this is that they can be hung together or apart. Even in a small room, this set is an excellent way to add visual interest to its surroundings.

Drouth Trees Wall Art Set

If you are in search of beautiful forest landscape paintings, we’ve found the perfect choice for you. This set of three oil paintings depicts a landscape of the woods, with stunning Drouth trees in sight. Oil canvas paintings depicting scenes from nature will appeal to everyone who loves the outdoors.

Sea With Reflection Artwork

As an ardent nature lover, you will love this set of two stunning oil canvas paintings. The paintings depict a gorgeous sunset and its reflection in the waves. The paintings also depict a cloudy blue sky. Hang these magnificent paintings in your living area to show off your passion for the outdoors.


A nature painting makes for a highly soothing and serene sight. Whether your living room is large or small, Arttree has accommodations for various sizes of paintings. Our paintings are specially curated by experienced artists and are made with premium quality materials. With us, you will receive the absolute best durable and long-lasting products. So, purchase your favorite nature paintings from the Arttree studio for your living room décor and watch your living room completely transform!