Top 5 Glass Sculptures to Sparkle Any Corner

Top 5 Glass Sculptures to Sparkle Any Corner

Posted by Josh Phillips on 21st Mar 2021

Want to add a little zing to your cozy corners? The best way to do that is by bringing home beautiful glass sculptures and strategically placing them in the right spots. We are here to help you find the most suitable sculptures for your home.

We have listed below five colorful glass sculptures that are sure to brighten up your lovely abode! Let’s take a look at the pieces:

The Colorful Rooster

This little glass sculpture of a rooster is perfect for your kitchen table. Made from clear glass, the rooster is vibrant and artsy. Using red, yellow, and multicolored speckles adds to the brightness of the piece. Owing to its flashy colors, this glass rooster will look good against both light and dark-colored backdrops. If you own a wooden rack or tabletop, place the sculpture on it for the best visual effect.

The Little Chicken

Looking for something cute for your dinner or kitchen table? Here’s an innocent-looking chicken for you. The glass body gives off a crystal look and the coloring of this piece is very pleasing. It is perfect for modern decor and goes well with wooden, glass, or plastic furniture. The colors are long lasting, so you will never have to worry about them fading. You can also keep it on your study table or office desk to add a little fun to the look!

A Penguin for your Room

Who doesn’t adore penguins? They are delightful creatures that can bring a smile to everyone’s faces! How about keeping a teeny-tiny animal sculpture of a penguin in your room? It is cute, endearing, and lovely to watch. The black lines across the glass body and the colorful spiral pattern on the inside lend an abstract look. The colors also go well with contemporary home decor. You can keep this on your coffee table or any desk to infuse a little vigor.

A Tabletop Seahorse

Seahorses are fascinating marine creatures, and it is even more fascinating to have one at home! Well, not a real one, but an intricately designed seahorse glass sculpture. This one looks modern and is perfect for your contemporary-style home. The clear glass structure, along with the tricolor spiral pattern, makes it an abstract piece. It also gives off a playful vibe. Place it on your center table and watch your guests admire it!

The Friendly Lion

Look at this animal sculpture- doesn't the carefree and affable demeanor remind you of Simba from The Lion King? It ought to! If you have been thinking of decorating your kid's room, then this is the perfect piece. It is bright, fun, and quirky! You can place it on any table or rack- it will spark joy in the heart of every passerby. Also, your child will love playing with this sunshiny lion.

We have handpicked each of these handmade glass sculptures-picked for your specific taste and requirement. These are all one-of-a-kind! Don't waste time thinking; buy one and immediately add your favorite piece to the cart!

Happy shopping!