Top 5 Framed Canvas Art For The Living Room

Top 5 Framed Canvas Art For The Living Room

Posted by John Wright on 25th Jul 2022

Does the living room seem a little drab, or do the walls seem empty? You want something fresh to liven things up and catch your eye as soon as you walk into the room, but you can't decide what it should be. Something that isn't overly complicated but still manages to add a touch of class to the overall design of your house?

Art prints are the solution. It is the most practical for your finances and the most effective in meeting all of these requirements.

Arttree brings you a variety of stunning art prints of high quality and affordable prices, allowing you to decorate your living room as you see fit.

To further help you choose, here are the top 5 framed canvas wall art prints that can add to the sophistication of your living room decor.

Rounds and streaks

This is the piece to get if the look of your living room needs to be pulled together by something minimalistic and conceptual, as this is it. Light and cool-toned, easy on the eye, yet sophisticated in its appearance, could define the meaning you assign to it, whether it be flowers, the planets, or dots on the ocean; however, it is still stunning to look at and leaves an impression that is as fluid as the observation made by the onlooker.

Hued Macula

If something bright and bold is what you are looking for, something that will catch everyone's attention the moment they step into your living room, then this framed canvas wall art print is precisely what you have been searching for. Because abstract art is beautiful and open to its audience's interpretation, the green abstract work can signify anything the viewer deems appropriate, including nature, life, wealth, prosperity, and health.

Calico Maculas

Do you find that earthy tones and muted tones appeal to you or seem to fit the aesthetic that you favor? This framed canvas art print will be perfect for adding to the sophistication of your living room space. The abstract piece is unlike most others and is distinctive in its presentation. It exudes a calming vibe thanks to the harmonious combination of earthy tones and lighter tones, and it has the potential to add a touch of sophistication.

Hillside Cistern Sky

Do you adore the great outdoors and long for something simple to look at? This piece of framed canvas wall art could be the print you have been searching for. It depicts various forms of landscapes against a light background, making it easy on the eye while at the same time avoiding being overly bright so as not to compete with other aspects of your home's design.

Golden lilies

Are you looking for a subtle and gentle addition to your home furnishings? You may find this particular framed canvas art print to be appealing. The print features pretty golden Lilies set against a light background; the muted contrast gives the print a unique feel, making it one of a kind and making it an excellent choice for contemporary homes that have a light aesthetic and modern furnishings. The addition of gold to your living room space gives it a more sophisticated air and a more traditional feel of elegance.


While everyone loves these framed canvas art prints for their living rooms, there is a wide selection of prints available, so if you're looking for something different for your home decor, look no further. To help you bring your ideal vision for your home's decor and aesthetic to life, Arttree offers a wide variety of options and the highest quality art framed canvas prints at reasonable prices.