Top 5 Framed Art Recommended by Home Interior Experts

Top 5 Framed Art Recommended by Home Interior Experts

Posted by John Wright on 25th May 2022

Interior design is very significant in our lives today, as it introduces us to elegance and comfort and increases our life's functionality. Your home décor should ideally represent the energy you wish you emulate from your room and aspects of your personality, so your space can remain interesting yet feel homey.

Investing in extensive interior design can be an expensive and confusing ordeal. A framed art piece can elevate the look of your room without much expense and with your convenience. However, if you feel like you are a little hesitant in choosing the perfect art piece for your room, given the plethora of options available, we can help you out!

We have curated a list of top 5 framed art recommended by home interior experts, and you can use this article as a guide on how to appropriately choose pieces that will go well with your existing decor.

Sparkling Design

If your bedroom décor leans towards a modern look with neutral walls and minimal elements, this framed art set would fit right in. It has a sparkling multicolored design in gold, white, and blue shades. It does not starkly stand out but rather blends in a way that elevates the comfort and soothing energy of your room.

Seacoast View

The sea is a charming element to incorporate into your décor. The ocean represents prosperity and endlessness, as well as a sense of tranquility, and an artwork depicting a sea can extend these energies to your living space as well. This art set beautifully contrasts bright multicolored flowers against an azure sea and would bring out the room’s charm against a white wall. It can also be the perfect gift for a friend!

Colorific Violin

If you are looking forward to incorporating some somber color into your décor, this art set might help you in your endeavor. With sinuate lines and Splodges, the art takes on the shape of three magnificent violins and piano keys. It will also introduce elegance and musicality to your space. This set would complement a brown-hued or a wood-paneled room perfectly.

Little Stones

The correct selection of abstract art can enhance the look of any room. Colour, form, texture, and size are frequently used in abstract art to produce a vibrant aesthetic that draws the viewer's attention. This abstract art piece with a predominant blue palate that depicts little stones arranged in an S pattern would beautifully capture the attention of the room. This set would look best against a grey or similar toned wall.

Golden Lotus

In Buddhism, the golden lotus has a special meaning. It represents the complete achievement of all enlightenment. If you are looking to imbibe zen energy within your house, this framed art will do just that! A multi-panel wall art composed of the somber hues of brown, ochre, and black, this set brings forth a subtle elegance to the room. If your home décor leans towards the rustic side, with warm designs and marble accessories, then this product would fit right in.


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