Top 5 Famous Oil Paintings Reproductions

Top 5 Famous Oil Paintings Reproductions

Posted by Emma Anderson on 19th May 2022

If you as a child were thrilled while walking through museums and scanning iconic paintings, chances are you have dreamt of having those right next to you at your home what better sight would be waking up to a Monalisa smiling at you!

Alas! These paintings cost a bomb and are best kept at museums for high maintenance. But there is a solution for your childhood fantasy to come true. Famous oil painting reproductions are here to your rescue and can be used in your wall decor.

Here are the top 5 famous oil painting reproductions which will take you on a ride to the past filled with colors and emotions while sitting right in your living room.

Starry Night

The original is considered a magnum opus of Van Gogh, reason enough for you to have copyright beside you and become a part of the rich artistic heritage. The thing most noticeable about the oil painting is the clear sky and stars, which are a rarity nowadays in the urban lifestyle. In addition, the confident brush strokes and the twists and turns will surely make you fall in love every time you set your eyes on it.

Almond Blossoms

Van Gogh painted the original to celebrate a new life. The choice of the trees is also not accidental, as almonds are the first to come to life after winter. Spring comes and spreads sunshine, warmth, and new life after a harsh winter. Celebrate a new life, warmth, love, and new beginnings with this painting in your possession.


Another one of Van Gogh's adaptations, this floral oil painting will undoubtedly light up your day and cheer up your mood. With its heavy texture, it's incredible to see the artist's impression of the irises blooming in the garden.

Every Iris in the painting is unique, and one gets mesmerized by its beauty. The artist's confident strokes give an illusion of a natural flower garden.

Water Lilies

This oil painting comes straight from France to add a dash of color to your wall decor. Painted by Oscar Claude Monet, the illusion of a horizontal surface on a vertical one is depicted here. The painting features just the water and the lilies in it. However, along with the lilies, the sky and clouds are reflected on the water's surface.

The Mulberry Tree

This oil painting is special as Van Gogh's personal favorite. The brush strokes making the branches are so complex yet soothing to the eyes. It feels like the yellow tree is alive, and its branches are dancing in a breeze. If you want to get close to nature, this painting would be a perfect choice for your wall decor.


Purchasing famous painting reproductions always doubt customers whether the one purchased is close to the original. Arttree’s paintings are 100% hand-painted and close to the original masterpiece.

The paintings come in three-piece multi-panel canvas. You have the option to get them unframed and unstretched, or you could get them delivered to you fully framed. So, get ready to kickstart a journey filled with colors and keep experimenting with your wall decor.