Top 5 Delightful Bedroom Wall Art

Top 5 Delightful Bedroom Wall Art

Posted by Emma Anderson on 19th Mar 2023

The artwork you decide to adorn your bedroom walls with is integral to setting the base for the house's decor. The bedroom is perhaps the most important place in a home, and to ensure peace and tranquility, we must choose bedroom wall art that represents our values most accurately.

Gautama Buddha

These 3 high-quality prints are modern art pieces that represent symbols of Buddha. With a lotus, buddha statue and hand with chakra spread over three canvases, these vibrant and uplifting canvas art prints are great decor pieces for people that want to include their beliefs and spirituality with the modern vibe and decor of their house. Without dulling the style of the rest of your bedroom, these canvases uphold the balance in your life with the peace and serenity that the Great Buddha brings along.

Half Buddha Face

Spread across 4-panelled wrapped wall art, this set of printed canvas artworks of Buddha showcases an abstract art version of Lord Buddha. This vibrant yet serene set of canvas art prints will most definitely become the highlight of your bedroom. The artwork is an intricately designed piece that immediately absorbs the viewer's attention and leaves them with a sense of peace and happiness. Most definitely elevating your bedroom's decor, this 4-canvas art print is the vacation you want.

Traditional Buddha

Sitting in the backdrop of an intricately designed carpet, this gorgeous golden Buddha, ready to hang, art print is spread across 5 canvases that have stunningly captured the tranquillity of Lord Buddha. This set of canvas artwork prints is set to transform the atmosphere of your bedroom into a space that brings happiness and peace. Encompassing modern art features, this set will fit right into the decor of your room.

Grey Buddha

This simple 5-piece canvas print set is perfect for bedrooms that want to stay humble yet elegant. The intricacy of the artwork with Lord Buddha and the unique backdrop is a simple yet eye-catching decor piece that is easy on the eyes and oozes a sense of comfort to the viewer.

Golden Lord Buddha

For traditional lovers who appreciate artwork that perfectly captures the essence of Lord Buddha in his simplicity, this golden statue and background 5 canvas art print is an easy answer to your decor questions. Regardless of the style of your original decor, these canvases will morph into and enhance the beauty of your bedroom.


Even today, these high-quality Buddha prints are the most used in bedroom wall art. For the spiritual individuals that find peace and happiness in the beautiful artworks of Buddha, these prints at Arttree are the perfect decor pieces for your bedroom wall art.