Top 5 Animal Paintings For Animal Lovers

Top 5 Animal Paintings For Animal Lovers

Posted by Sara Taylor on 1st May 2022

Are you an ardent lover of animals and looking for ways to decorate your home? Well, consider investing in an animal painting. Redesigning your home or office space with animal canvas paintings will demonstrate your love and admiration for nature’s most incredible wonders.

Animal paintings will bring out the colors in your home and make it look more lively. They would also tie the entire area or place together and set it apart from the others. So, in this article, we’ve described some of the most stunning animal paintings that would be the perfect home décor for you.

Calico Domestic Animals Wall Art Set

This colorful and vibrant set of three canvas paintings is stunning. Each canvas depicts a different animal shaded in multicolored hues. While one canvas depicts a goat, the other shows a dog, and the third a cow. So, if you adore animals, this set will be the perfect way to add warmth and color to your home.

Monkey with Headphone

If you’re an animal lover with a fantastic sense of humor, we’ve got just the animal painting. This adorable painting illustrates a monkey deep in thought as it listens to music via headphones. The painting will generate quite a few good laughs when displayed on the walls of your home!

Colorful Giraffes Artwork

Another adorable and stunning set of two paintings, this one’s bound to melt your heart. If you want to decorate the walls of your home with paintings that are colorful, vibrant, yet funny, we’ve found the perfect set of painting for you.

The paintings illustrate a colorfully shaded giraffe with a rose in its mouth and goggles on its eyes. The painting is made with a heavy texture acrylic palette knife, and it shows!

Dull Horse

Are you looking for some modern animal paintings to spruce up the walls of your home? Well, look no further than this exquisite black and white painting. It depicts a faded, dull horse against a dusty background. The painting incorporates modern abstract heavy texture art elements, giving it a rich and elegant look.

Cute Panda

This colorful, vivid, and endearing painting of a baby panda is the perfect home décor option for any room in your house. Whether you display this in your living room or the kids’ room, it is bound to brighten up your home. Our paintings are available in multiple sizes as well.


As an animal lover, having animal paintings all over the walls of your home is a fun and exciting way to decorate your haven. Due to its versatility, canvas artwork can be displayed in various ways at home, from the bedroom to the kitchen and beyond. In addition, animal paintings are an incredibly diverse subject, making them the perfect addition to your art collection.

At Arttree, we provide you with nothing but the best. All our products are of premium quality, from the raw materials to the finished painting. Each painting is intricately curated by our professional and experienced artists, who make the paintings as close to the reference photos as possible. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and order your paintings now.