Top 5 Abstract Paintings For Corporate Gifting

Top 5 Abstract Paintings For Corporate Gifting

Posted by John Wright on 28th Apr 2022

Abstract paintings are non-figurative works of art created on canvas using the visual language of design, color, or shape independently. Abstraction in art is solely the result of an individual artist's imagination. When looking into corporate gifting ideas, you can always count on abstract paintings. Due to their lack of a particular image or structure, abstract paintings double down as the perfect choice for formal gifting.

This article has discussed a few of the most exquisite abstract paintings that would look perfect in a corporate workspace. Explore a wide range of abstract paintings on canvas at Arttree.

Colorful Marble Wall Art Décor

This stunning three-piece oil painting has shades and streaks of vibrant colors. The artwork is adorned with spots and abstract designs. The painting is heavily textured and marble inspired, giving it a rich and sophisticated look.

Streaks and Speckles Wall Art

Opting for vibrantly shaded abstract paintings is a great option. This beautiful set of three oil paintings is an attractive option for a corporate gift. The painting is adorned in teal, purple, peach, black and white shades and has a textured look. Wall paintings are one of the most elegant gifts, whether you give them to a loved one or professional colleague.

Orbed Art Décor

Embellished in various geometric patterns, this artwork is shaded in hues of blue and pink. The set of three canvas oil paintings would be a perfect addition to any workspace. Its beauty lies in its simplicity, making it the ideal option for corporate gifting purposes.

Geometric Figure Wall Art Set

We are constantly reminded of various geometric patterns shaded in vibrant colors when thinking of abstract prints. This three-piece canvas oil painting set is the perfect amalgamation of different geometric shapes, colored in hues of pink.

Seams Wall Art Set

Inspired heavily by abstract Nordic art, this set of two oil paintings is one of a kind. The paintings are adorned with streaks of gold and shaded in hues of black, white, and grey. So go ahead and opt for this set as the perfect abstract painting gift for your workplace.

Due to their highly flexible nature, abstract artworks are the perfect gifting options. Whether you present them as a corporate gift or an anniversary gift, they will be well-appreciated in any circumstance.


Abstract art paintings are ideal for interior design and home and office décor. Since this art is conceptual, it can be displayed on any wall in a home, business, restaurant, or hotel. Abstract art has established itself as an essential element of our life. It has been observed that demand for it has increased over time worldwide. This is one of the most critical reasons abstract art doubles as the ideal gift choice for anniversaries, engagement gifts, and business gifts.

So, go ahead and choose your favorites now! At the Arttree studio, you will get nothing but the best. We use premium quality materials for all our products to ensure that our products last longer and are durable. Our paintings are curated by experienced artists and are 100% hand-painted.