Top 10 Vintage Green Shades Wall Arts

Top 10 Vintage Green Shades Wall Arts

Posted by Peter Robert on 8th Jan 2021

From lush spring woodland to refreshing mints, green paints can create a sanctuary in your home. A green hue is a significant moment in home décor that transmutes tranquility, calm or makes a moody, bold statement. The right shade of green can calm, energize, and bring a sense of harmony and renewal. The color echoes the natural world's vibes and creates a calming retreat with mute olive and electric green characters. If you don't have ample space for a bevy of houseplants, green color adds a splash of highlights in your living room.

Keep scrolling our handpicked collection of bright 10 vintage green canvas prints to enliven your décor.

Nature Landscape

The warm and cool hued green landscape creates a tranquil and summery space. Muted green highlights the space and reflects the natural light to create an earthy vibe. The deeper shade of green juxtaposed with white makes any space appear bigger and brighter. The natural shade art adds sophistication and earthy peace when used in dining and living rooms.

Geometric Nordic canvas

If you want to implement a cozy oasis at home, geometric green shade wall arts is a perfect inspiration. Warm, inviting, and comforting, Geometric deer is sleek and modern with a welcoming vibe that works in any home. Balanced focused on textures and airy hues, the geometric is perfect for lightening up your living areas no matter the size. The minimalist print highlighted with green keeps stark and impressionist.


The beautifully green curved accents demand attention in your space. If you are passionate about plants and greenery, why not incorporate plant canvas into your walls spaces. The intriguing green-toned prints would revitalize your interior while creating the relaxing aura you hope to achieve. The striking addition can enliven any dark corner or empty nook of your living spaces.

Animals Pop art

Fun, colorful, and witty home-style decorated Animals pop art is full of personality and playful animals. It appeals to all rooms, whether it be a kid's area or a grandparent's room. The bright and bold replicated patterns on horses emphasize vintage green shade blended with other striking colors. Admire the majestic and beautiful creatures galloping across the scene that are sophisticated and captivating.

Classical Jungle King

Not always the Jungle animals have to be terrifying; they can be boldly colored with lines of comic strips. You can style the room using bright, eye-popping accents that provide warmth and character to cool muted schemes. The signature nordic piece accentuates with green color, keeping it simple yet spectacular with a keen sense of humor. Bright, vivid, and powerful colors matched and combined lion prints create a fun example without adding clutter or dominating it.

Night bird

The green palette owl wonderfully paired with royal blue and pink highlights creates an artful image. The ingenious owl paints and coordinated colors spruce up space while bringing warmth and vitality into your muted or neutral palette backdrops. Shades of green blend marvelously with strokes of blue create a warmer and pleasant ambiance.


Seemingly simplistic yet random intriguing patterned element features bright and characterful spaces. The green bull art juxtaposed with sweeping lines adds depth without overpowering the space. Rich and vivid hues provide an energizing canvas for a medley of texture and patterns. Bull wall art packs a punch of fun color creates a textured look that is modern and dramatic. When decorating with a monochromatic palette, green shades complement and enhance the appearance.


Green shades accompanied by other hues punctuate an ethereal cat canvas art enveloping the space. The dramatic black and other hues introduced on the pale cat background is cleverly injecting life into spaces without overpowering them. The fun patterned cat is plentiful with curves and lines with pops of yellow, grey, and other colors. Bring a touch of witty sense into your contemporary living room.

Green Gloomy Deer

Vintage green woven with artistic patterns craft a fresh concept for offices, living rooms, kitchen areas. This Scandia style braced with green tints flaunts the deer with clean lines, minimal decoration resembling modernism. Create a welcoming and harmonious environment with this outrageously chunky, wonderfully crafted deer canvas art. If you are looking for creating a quiet nook that you simply can't ignore, no matter how hard you try, the beautiful slatted inspired art exalts richness in spaces.

Traditional theme

The enticing and trendsetting traditional theme is inspired by nature and conviviality. The striking and soft natural theme blended with bold imagery, bright color palette, and repetitive approach. It is a unique and recognizable traditional style. Vivid colors with oddly shaped art turn from awkward to extraordinary. Accentuate your walls with energy and the vibrant color of elephants. Adding some antique fabric and other colorful pieces would create a more powerful statement.


Vintage green canvas prints can easily blend with blue and other hues, instantly elevating your accents' appeal on the wall. Add different dimension and character into your room with fine intricate nordic prints combining minimalist accessories and green tones. No matter where you live, you can infuse green canvas print that can blend modern to traditional designs. The vintage green hue creates a positive and relaxing aura while creating space rich and stylish walls from chunky to cool.