The Power of Red: Art Prints That Make a Statement in Homes

The Power of Red: Art Prints That Make a Statement in Homes

Posted by Emma Anderson on 4th Feb 2023

The colour of love and passion, red has the capacity to make the rooms bright and vivacious. No one can really question the power of colours, especially when decorating interiors. Even decorators and interior designers believe that one can transform the look of a room using the right colours.

Giving the right kind of energy and colour to your rooms, Arttree brings an interesting collection of red art prints that will cover empty walls in style.

Geometric Splash

Though there are no rules when it comes to designing your home, as it should be a personal choice, there are still some obvious things we must pay attention to. For instance, if you wish to buy wall art in a striking red shade, the existing colour scheme in the room cannot be as vivid as your art because it will create confusion and clutter. A nice contrast will make the room look impactful and grab everyone’s attention. So, if you choose this art featuring geometric patterns and bold lines in gaudy colours, everything else must look subtle and neutral for a great impact.

Red Rose

Talking about red colour and not mentioning rose can never happen. This stunning art featuring a bloomed rose with water droplets and leaves is a phenomenal piece that will instantly enhance your home's grace and take it to a new level. Be it a dining area or living room, use this red wall art on a barren wall and get ready to mesmerise your guests and friends with its timeless beauty. You can choose this print in the size you choose, considering the size of the wall and room where you want to display it. It’s time to turn a boring, drab-looking wall into a dreamy one with this art. Place an order now!

Red Purple

If you want a splash of red with occasional hints of other shades as well, like orange, yellow, purple, blue, pink, then this contemporary wall art will surely win your heart. This art has an abstract look and feel that complements modern ambience and setup and gives a flamboyant look to interiors. Having this in your room, you honestly don’t need any other fancy decor item to flaunt. It is enough to make your room look as stunning as your decor choices.

Henri Matisse’s Masterpiece

Thinking of designing interiors with something timeless? If yes, then you can always go right with this reproduction art of the famous artist Henri Matisse. It is a 3-piece wall art showcasing various abstract patterns and Scandinavian forms. With an excellent combination of colours, this art will instantly revamp the decor of your room, making your wall a spot for everyone to adore. Though there are many ways to glam up your stark walls, the kind of magic a wall art creates is truly unmatched. Try this, and you won’t have any regrets.

The red shade canvas prints available with us will harmonise with any interiors- traditional or modern. Explore our vast collection of products and start decorating your home that speaks to you.