The Best 5 Framed Art Pictures To Gift Your Better Half

The Best 5 Framed Art Pictures To Gift Your Better Half

Posted by John Wright on 21st Jul 2023

Gifting is an intimate affair. When you know a person well, you can choose gifts that remind you of them or gift them things they are especially fond of. When the person you give to is your better half, choosing gifts matters greatly. If you are still trying to decide on the perfect gift, we can help you in this area. Framed artworks or framed pictures have a charm and can uplift everybody's mood. They also serve a greater purpose - they can entirely alter the look and feel of their home.

In this blog, we have curated a list of 5 best-framed art pictures to give to your better half.

White Blossom

Flowers are deemed to be the perfect gifts for your loved ones. Here's an even better option where you can immortalize the flowers in art prints, and gift them to your loved ones to keep with them forever! These bright white blossoms against a vibrant and colourful backdrop will make for a stunning gift.


If your better half is a music lover, they will indeed adore framed pictures of the piano. This impasto piano art has a rustic and abstract feel to it. The use of bright colours will make the decor of any room pop - so this is a good choice for anyone looking to elevate the ambience of their home!

Blue Poppy

Blue poppy flowers are symbolic of potential and possibilities - they create hope. What can be more meaningful than gifting your loved one a promise of hope for the future? This abstract art print of a beautiful blue poppy will dutifully convey your message. The subdued tone of the blue is perfect for modern home decor.

Auburn Spots Wall Art Set

Gold always adds a touch of royalty and glamour to everything. Combining aqua blue and bright gold, this wall art can create visual magic and positivity, giving any room a much-needed glow-up. Inspired by marble, the background pattern lends a modern edge to the art piece.

Sunflower Garth

Sunflowers make the perfect gift as they symbolise loyalty and adoration - the two things every lover wants in their partner. This abstract wall art of a field of sunflowers will make your better half dance with glee.


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