The Best 5 Amazing Still Life Prints For Office Space

The Best 5 Amazing Still Life Prints For Office Space

Posted by John Wright on 14th Jan 2023

Office spaces call for practical and on-point decor that is simple and easy on the eye but also complements the room. If you are stuck when decorating your office space, consider something like an art print, which proves to be an affordable and classy piece of decor. If you need clarification on the options present, here are the five best unique still-life prints for office spaces.

Shade trees

It is a well-acknowledged fact that interacting with nature around us not only keeps us grounded and relieves stress but is quite suitable for helping us heal. So what better print to choose than that which represents beautiful trees casting shade on a relatively bright day? This is a reproduction of the work by the famous American artist Andrew Newell Wyeth and can be one of the best prints for office decor. So avail it today and add to the aesthetic of your office space.

New grass

A reproduction of a beautiful work by famous American artist Andrew Newell Wyeth, this print is bound to be one of the best prints for office decor. Depicting a serene moment on a farm, the use of green colour and the apparent contrast is bound to add a touch of classic art to your space. It enhances the overall look not only together but also significantly speaks of your taste in decor!

Main Gaff

Main Gaff was originally a painting by the well-known American artist Andrew Newell Wyeth. Some elements in the painting that draw attention are the sky, the rope, the wooden pole, etc. The contrast in this work is quite striking. This still-life landscape print can be a pretty suitable example of Scandinavian wall art. This reproduction is among the best prints for office decor, given its timeless beauty and sombre elegance.

Winter 1946

This is another beautiful reproduction of the work by renowned American artist Andrew Newell Wyeth. The result is captivating despite being simple and relatively easy on the eye. It is a simple depiction of a human walking through a field of dry grass. The evident mute contrast makes it stand out and can significantly contribute as an outstanding wall decor piece, complimenting your office space's interior.


This is a stunning copy of the original painting by American master painter Andrew Newell Wyeth. The work is appealing despite its apparent simplicity and its pleasant visual appeal. Depicting a grassland, this landscape art print is bound to make your office space look all the more unique and aesthetic. The extensive use of the green shade also provides this work with a calming aura.


Should any of these still-life prints catch your eye, avail them from the official website of Arttree today. Explore more options available if you wish to look for more prints. Arttree is committed to bringing you the best quality art prints to add to the look of your spaces. So, wait no more and decorate your space in the way you like this day!