Textured Artwork: Adding Layers of Creativity and Depth to Bleak Walls

Textured Artwork: Adding Layers of Creativity and Depth to Bleak Walls

Posted by Emma Anderson on 3rd Jun 2022

Giving an illusion of depth and making an art piece more realistic with the finest detailing, textures are important in the art world. Bringing more interest to living spaces or offices, Arttree’s exclusive collection of textured artwork is here to spellbind you.

Drawing your guests’ attention in a jiffy, the creative combination of textures featured in our paintings triggers human emotions and makes the pieces of art even more striking and appealing to look at. So, what are you waiting for? If you wish your interiors to look more classy, then introduce them to the real wall decor wonder, and it is none other than a textured painting. Let’s take a look at what we have in store to offer you:

Blobs Wall Artwork

From curved streaks to colorful blobs design, this 2-piece 100% handmade painting flaunts a heavy texture that makes it worthy of all the attention. Whether it is your living room or bedroom, hanging this piece on a plain wall will change the look of the entire room and up the decor game.

Poetic Wall Art

Are you tired of looking at a blank wall in your living room? Do you want to give it a refreshing look? Well, all you need is these 3 pieces of wall art that depict the multicolor textures in cerulean blue, white, and black hues. The beautiful combination of these shades makes this piece an ideal buy for your home with modern aesthetics.

Colorful Marble Wall Art Decor

Inspired by marble, these 3 pieces of multi-panel artwork flaunts colorful shade streaks and abstract spot designs which look incredible on the walls of contemporary homes. It surely has something unique to offer which will leave an indelible impact on everyone who visits you. Teamed up with the right upholstery or sofa set, you can enhance the beauty of the room and make it look extraordinary.

Cavalier Wall Art Set

Exuding a touch of luxury and opulence, these 3 piece wall art showcases an exquisite blend of different colors with a splash of golden hue, making the artwork look like a royal piece of art. Elegant and sophisticated, you will never go wrong with this artwork. Make it yours right away before someone else adds it to the shopping cart.

Galant Wall Art Set

A perfect mix of colors makes the textures appear even more prominent in the artwork. Thus, it is wise for the artists to use eye-pleasing contrasts and colors while working on textured wall art paintings. The subtle hues used in this artwork make the room look bright, spacious, and airy.

With a plethora of options to choose from, every artistic creation we sell at Arttree is a reflection of timeless beauty and creativity. Browse through our wide range of wall art styles, colors, and sizes, and give your home a stylish makeover without putting a strain on your wallet as all our handmade paintings are fairly priced. Place an order now!