Stunning Illustration Art Prints From Your Favourite Book

Stunning Illustration Art Prints From Your Favourite Book

Posted by Sara Taylor on 8th Aug 2021

Using beautiful prints has always been a great idea for home decor. However, with time, people's outlook, choices, and preferences are changing too. While there is a significant category of art lovers who still prefer canvas prints of famous, most people look for something more contemporary.

Illustration art is the type of work that offers the right amount of quirk and creativity that a modern home deserves. Moreover, this is the era of anime, caricature, cartoons, commercial, and conceptual art.

The use of digitization and mixed media marks the advancement of technology and has created a place in the home décor field. Illustration art is far from traditional designs that we are used to seeing at home. Especially if you are planning to decorate a new house, it is time to think differently and explore stunning art ideas.

Since finding the perfect art piece can be time-consuming, we are here to help you with some good ideas. Here is a list of art prints that will remind you of your favourite book.

The Beach Entrance

We love beaches, walking on soft sand, and enjoying the cool waves, and that's what this canvas print is all about. The first look at it will remind you of your last beach vacation and encourage you to plan the next one. So, what's better than attracting the holiday vibe every day whenever you look at this print? Times are tough, and it is the thought of a relaxing vacation that acts as an instant booster. Besides, having such a fantastic view in the room is refreshing and a good break from the monotony of traditional room décor.

Bottles and Vases

Don't worry if you do not have beautiful flower vases at home because this illustration print can fill the gap perfectly. A very cool and simple definition of modern wall décor, such prints are versatile. It means this stylish wall art print can look good irrespective of which part of the house it is in. Especially if you are trying to create a cozy corner by the window, the bottles and vases frame can be the perfect addition. The subtlety of the pastel shades look nice but do not overpower the existing interior décor. This is a quality that is unlikely in oversized frames and bold prints.

The Kiss of Love

The definition of love can be illustrated in various ways, and a warm kiss is one of the best. If you are looking for a perfect art print, here is where your search ends. The stunning illustration print features a simple yet passionate kiss. It is bold, stylish, and the perfect accessory for decorating your modern home. There is no way you won't call this combination of grey and white jaw-dropping.

While this framed art is suitable for every type of room décor, it will look best on a wide living room wall. It is even better if you arrange the print against perfect white walls. You certainly don't need to be worried about other decorations when there is such a stunning piece on your wall. It can independently make your home look modern and creative.


An illustration art print features the artist's view of anything from a person to a fantasy character or even particular fashion accessories. There is an increasing demand for these art ideas for urban homes. If you are also looking for a perfect frame, we suggest exploring our collection of illustrative canvas prints. Add your favourite ones to the cart before we run out of stocks!