Split Canvas Prints That Will Make Your Living Room More Pleasing

Split Canvas Prints That Will Make Your Living Room More Pleasing

Posted by Keira Knightley on 25th Dec 2021

Unlike most other fixtures in your home, your wall décor has a lot more to do with aesthetic appeal compared to utility. So you can experiment with art prints of various shapes and sizes to land on pieces that complement your home the best. Split canvas prints are one of the easiest ways to adopt contemporary décor without investing much time, effort, or money.

Can't decide what kind of split print sets would look the best in your home? Here are some of the finest pieces on Arttree to get you started!

A View Of The Yellowstone

Yellowstone always lives up to its reputation as the first national park in the world. The various geothermal and wildlife wonders observed in the park make it a much-coveted spot. If you like split prints that capture your love for nature, then this art print is hands down one of the best choices for you out there.

This 5 piece set is available in 3 sizes, so it can cover as much of your wall space as you want. If you've ever been to the park before or are just a nature fanatic in general, then this set will make for a great conversation starter whenever somebody visits your home.

The Touch Of Nature

You can never go wrong with some black and white art - it's always subtle and classy. This print set shows an unclothed woman with her front to the wall. Leaves run through her entire back like a natural shroud. This piece of art depicts how human beings rely on mother nature for their needs.

This art print is multifaceted, making it fit for any room décor. Split canvas prints can get too intense for some people due to the size of the arrangement, but since this set is in black and white, it never gets too overpowering.

Resting In A Valley

Sometimes you simply need to let go of your inhibitions and spend some time in silence. The hustle and bustle of your daily lives might make it hard for you to find a few moments of respite, but looking at this split print set will rejuvenate you inside out.

The print lets you mentally transport yourself to a peaceful place that soothes the senses. The snow-capped hills in the back create a charming juxtaposition with the lake in front. It gives your room a calm feeling and looks best with a muted or pastel blue-green color palette.

Tickling The Taste buds

If you've decided to decorate the entire house with beautiful artwork, then why should your kitchen take a back seat? It's time to give food canvas art prints a chance!

The fresh veggies, creamy cheese, olive oil, and pasta on the print set can make your mouth water and urge you to cook delicious items every day. It will give your kitchen and dining area a welcoming ambiance and set you up for numerous family cooking sessions.


These days, most homes have quite similar furniture and appliances, so it's hard to stand out without spending a ton of money. Wall art gives you a golden chance to set your home apart. The structure of split prints makes them intriguing to look at, so check out Arttree now to explore similar sets that align with the rest of your room décor.

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