Serene Nature Paintings for Your Home

Serene Nature Paintings for Your Home

Posted by Emma Anderson on 30th Apr 2021

Nature appeals to each one of us in different ways. While some of us derive inspiration, others seek repose in nature. But there's one thing that is common for all is a source of comfort, peace, and tranquility. We turn to nature when everything else in life seems monotonous or futile- and nature always helps.

You can infuse a sense of calm in your home with nature paintings that bring out nature’s bounty and serenity. Here are 5 hand-picked paintings for you to choose from:

The Vibgyor Riverscape

A calm river, green grass on both sides, and bushy trees all-around- what's not to like? How about adding more color and diversity to those trees? Here's presenting a lovely rivers cape- with a little twist. The trees aren't all green. The colors of the rainbow adorn them, making the painting even brighter. This acrylic painting will look beautiful against both light and dark backgrounds. You can put it up in your living room and watch the admiration in your guests’ eyes!

The Winterscape

A snowy winter morning is a view to cherish for a long time. This painting brings into focus the beauty of one such view- a snow-filled forest land, tall trees with snow-covered leaves and branches, and the first light of dawn peeking from far. The warm and cool tones come together in this artwork and lend it a tranquil and frees melancholic feel. This painting will blend very well with modern room decor, and a light-toned wall will serve as the perfect background. You can keep it in your study or office wall as well. S

Waves on the Wall

If you like beaches, then you will love this nature painting. The artist has portrayed a rocky seashore where waves are crashing. The myriad shades of blue in the sea and the heavily textured waves give depth to the painting. The solid particles and granules strewed over the sand create dimension. The golden frame around the painting lends a modern touch to it. It will look good on both light and dark backgrounds but will give off different effects. You can place it in your bedroom for a calming effect!

The Rustic Road

This acrylic painting is a perfect example of the quintessential image we see when we think about nature. The artist combines warm and cool tones even here to give the artwork a touch of reality. You can keep it against any light-colored wall in your hallway or near your bedroom to permeate a sense of serenity in the space.

Nature During Fall

If you want a nature painting that will infuse warmth and composure in your living space, we have the right painting in store for you. It portrays the charm of nature during the autumn season. Every natural object is painted in various yellow and orange shades and can brighten up any dull corner of your house. Put this up on a light-toned wall and feel the warmth seeping into your room!


In a nutshell, each of these nature paintings is handmade. Hence they are unique and one-of-a-kind! You can opt for any of the mentioned paintings if you have been looking for nature-related artworks.