Serene Calm Buddha Prints for Office or Home

Serene Calm Buddha Prints for Office or Home

Posted by Ana Stone on 4th Sep 2021

We all aim to make our home as beautiful and aesthetic as possible. But more than visual beauty, a home is supposed to have a calming effect on its residents- a positive impact that will give one peace and comfort. Most modern houses have a very concrete and materialistic structure. To provide them with a homely atmosphere, you can make use of wall art.

If serenity is your primary concern, you should invest in Buddha prints for your home. The main focus of Buddha art is Gautama Buddha- the founder of Buddhism. The innumerable suffering in the world moved him, and he chose to take refuge in a forest, away from worldly matters. He strived to cut all ties with the material world and live a peaceful life without being hindered by desires. He soon gained followers and started preaching the Noble Eightfold Path that one could follow to attain nirvana. The knowledge he acquired while he meditated for days on end under a Bodhi tree in the forest secured him the 'Enlightened One' title.

Today, Buddha canvas prints have become extremely popular with people who want to maintain a positive and calm ambience at their home. You can find various prints with the meditating Buddha at the center, and we have hand-picked one from our collection that we think you will admire.

The Trilogy of Tranquility

This three piece wall art set is symbolic. The lotus and the chakra- two symbols associated with Buddhism, complement the meditating silhouette of Buddha at the center. The mélange of colors lends an abstract look to the canvas print set and will infuse any room with brightness and vitality. The sleek black borders give a modern feel which will blend well with contemporary home decor. You can hang this serene set of Buddha art on your living room wall.


If you are trying to find the perfect Buddha print for your home, you should visit our online store. Our collection is versatile, unique, and caters to everyone’s tastes. You get to choose from a wide range of products and get them delivered to your doorstep!